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Best Bedroom Colours for Sleep & The Worst

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Update: May 17, 2023
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Manya Mishra
Content Writer
Best Bedroom Colors For Sleep

You must have walked in and out of your room countless times. But how often do you take a moment to think about the colours of the walls? Why is it important, you ask? Well, bedroom colours can influence your mood and emotions. So, if you plan to renovate your bedroom or repaint the walls, look at the best bedroom colours for sleep.

Best Bedroom Colours for Sleep

Let’s look at the best bedroom colours that make you sleep, help soothe the nervous system and ensure you sleep well. So,  what colours help you sleep? 


Blue is one of the best bedroom colours for restful sleep as it helps you relax and keep yourself calm. It is a non-stimulating colour and helps produce more cortisol, a happy hormone. 


Yellow is one of the best colour lights for sleep and creates a peaceful environment because they tend to match the sunshine. It is also known to relieve stress and promote tranquillity. However, highly bright yellows must be avoided as they can strain your eyes. 


Another best bedroom paint colour is green as it is known to help you relax and goes easy on the eyes. It symbolises nature and is a non-stimulating colour that promotes good sleep. 


If you prefer neutral colours, silver is one of the best colours to help you sleep. It helps keep you calm and can be soothing. 

Orange / Light Brown

Light orange colour can transport you to a sandy beach and can help create a welcoming space. It is one of the best bedroom colours for sleep in 2022. 


Not everyone loves pink. But before you dismiss the idea, we are talking about light and soft pink here. In fact, soft natural pink is one of the best bedroom light colours for sleep because it imparts tranquillity and can help you relax your senses. I


What colours help you sleep? White as it is one of the most popular colours that’s neutral and doesn’t create any distractions. It is the symbol of serenity and brings a sense of comfort and hope along with it. 


What colour is good for sleep? Just like white, beige can be a neutral and soothing colour. It also allows you a distraction-free space and can be a great choice as it seamlessly matches any decor you may choose.

Worst Bedroom Colours for Sleep

Some of the colours unsuitable for your bedroom are;

  • Red: Red colour is known to excite and energise you while increasing the heart rate. According to one study, it was seen that red colour could enhance brain activity and also boost alertness. And this colour even feels threatening for some. Therefore, painting your room red is a bad idea. 
  • Dark Purple: Bright purple has red undertones and can have almost the same effect as the colour red. However, light purple can be an incredibly soothing colour for some sleep.
  • Dark Brown: According to a study, it was found that the colour brown was quite gloomy. It can increase feelings of sadness and create a restless bedroom environment
  • Black: There are chances that black bedroom walls may feel depressing and gloomy due to the absence of any vibrance. 
  • Orange: Again, orange is a colour that contains red undertones and can have the same effect as the colour red. 

The Science Behind Colour

There are three primary colours; with the help of black and white and mixing them together, we get all the other vibrant colours. Colour is one of the most potent things today. From being strategically used in marketing campaigns to your bedroom walls, colour has the power to influence your mind and psychology.

Can Colour Affect Sleep?

Usually, when it comes to painting the walls of your room, you don’t think about how it will affect you but choose based on the aesthetics. However, colours may affect you psychologically and also influence your sleep. That’s why choosing the one you like and can soothe your mind is essential. 

What Are the Worst Bedroom Colours for Sleep?

As aforementioned, red, brown, and black colours can be ill-suited for your room as they can increase your heart rate and adrenaline. These colours can make you feel energised and anxious, which is not something you need before bed. When you choose the right set of colours, such as light blue or yellow, you tend to align your emotions with how you want to feel before bed and helps you achieve more calmness. 

Tips on How to Choose the Best Bedroom Colours for Sleep

Some of the tips on how to choose the best bedroom colours are;

  • Before you paint your walls, you can always have a colour scheme in mind 
  • Avoid colour clashing as it can be stimulating 
  • Opt for flat paint instead of glossy paint as they can reflect light and interrupt your sleep. 
  • Choose a colour that resonates with you and makes you feel good. 
  • Go for lighter colours and pastel options as they can be quite soothing as mentioned earlier. 
  • Try to avoid painting dark colours, such as brown or black
  • You can add an accent but make sure that it is not too bright 


Before you zero in on the colour, make sure you choose light and mute colours as they are known to be the best colour for sleep. You can try any of the colours from the best bedroom colours for sleep to help you out!


What colour light helps you sleep?

Red light is a calming light that helps you enjoy a deep slumber. The red light also works because it doesn’t stimulate your circadian rhythm, which is our inner clock that helps us fall asleep at night.

What colour is best for the kids’ room?

Some of the best colours for the kid’s bedroom include;

  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Yellow 
  • Purple 
  • Pink

These colours are also known to be the best as per Vastu shastra.

Which Colour is Best for a couple’s bedroom?

According to Vastu, if you are a married couple or are in a relationship, you can go for pink or very light red as it is known to strengthen your bond and avoid any fights.

What colours help with anxiety?

One of the best colours to combat anxiety is blue because it is known to calm your mind, slow your heart rate, and lower blood pressure. And this helps curb any anxiety that you may be feeling. 

Does the colour of the bedroom affect your sleep?

Yes, pastel and light-muted shades are always better for sleep. Again, you can read the above article for complete information.


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Written by

Manya Mishra
Content Writer
Bachelor's Degree in English Literature 7 years of experience as a content writer Has experience writing for various industries, including health and wellness, travel, and technology

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