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Duroflex Mattress Review 2023

Update: June 30, 2023
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kritika joshi
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Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

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Bollywood’s Ace Actress Alia Bhatt clearly knows “Raat is the best time of the day” and hence she recommends Duroflex to her fans so that their raat is spent uninterrupted and get #ASLINEEND with Duroflex mattresses.

With a vision to improve sleep patterns in India, PC Mathew found Duroflex with an initial investment of just INR 3 Lakh in Kerala in the year 1963. Duroflex claims to be the first company to build a mattress portfolio based on your sleep needs. 

In this article, Sleep Guides India presents to you a comprehensive overview of Duroflex Mattresses so that sleep issues don’t bother you anymore and you can make the right mattress choice as per your needs.

The top mattress brand offers four Signature Mattress Ranges with 100+ comfort levels specifically designed to boost sleep quality. Moreover, modern experience centers are spread across more than 50 cities, and an online store can be accessed practically everywhere in the country.

Duroflex Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Review

LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


INR 9,699 To INR 19,599

Mattress Type
Memory Foam
Medium Firm

Queen, King, Custom, Single, Double


Firmness: Out of 10 the mattress scores 7 on the firmness scale. With balanced support, the Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress has a firm feel

Layers: Comes with four layers. Topped by a high resilient layer, followed by a layer of memory foam. A doctor-recommended 5-zone orthopedic layer and another high-resilient layer make up the bottom two layers

Support: The mattress meets your back’s needs with its orthopedic support layer

Sleeping position: Comfortably fit for all kinds of sleeping positions.


  • Cannot be used on both sides.
  • One side of the mattress can be sensed on the other side.
  • Does not offer a zipper washable cover with it.
  • Foam tends to sink in after prolonged use.

Rating summary

Motion Isolation

Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Temperature Control

Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Pressure Relief

Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Edge Support

Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Ease of Movement

Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star


Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star


Blank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Support Care

PH : 1800 108 5008 ,Email : [email protected]
$699 SPECIAL OFFER! $200 Off + $499 in Accessories Included!

The Duroflex’s natural living mattresses are infused with zone copper NRG layer with the zonal support giving the mattress just extra air circulation and coolness so that you wake up feeling refreshed. 

Moreover, Essential mattresses offer dual-side features. Made of a firm support foam layer on one side and soft comfort foam on the other, you now don’t need to buy separate mattresses for a different feel.

You get both support and comfort in one, thanks to Duroflex. Experts can never be wrong and so out of the many mattresses offered by Duroflex, the LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam from Duropedic Range is selected as the best. Recommended by doctors and experts, this mattress provides great health benefits for orthopedic patients.

What Is Your Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Made Of?

The best-seller product of the brand claims to be an ideal mattress for all those suffering from back issues. Experts have tested the Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, which provides a firm balanced feel and ensures a good night’s sleep. Let’s check a thorough breakdown of the mattress construction.

1. Duroflex’s Beds in a Box technique is the product for people seeking an orthopedic memory foam mattress that offers real support, is simple to install, and has a premium luxurious feel.

2. After testing the Duroflex Ace mattress, National Health Academy recommends it for its advanced orthopedic support and other health benefits.

3. Constructed with a Triple Anti-Microbial Fabric that protects the mattress from germs, dust mites, and fungi. A relief for children and others with sensitive skin. The anti-microbial fabric offers the mattress a beautiful texture while keeping it clean and fresh.

4. The mattress’ top layer is made of High-Resilience Foam, which makes it softer and more breathable.

5. Followed by an Adaptive Memory Foam layer to relieve pressure spots and give next-level comfort for a sound sleep.

6. Lastly, the mattress gives adequate support with a High Resilience layer and a firm base. The layer provides firm support to the overall mattress construction.

7. For personalized support and ideal spinal alignment, a specially created 5 Zone Orthopedic Technology adapts to your sleeping demands.

Reasons to Love Livein Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

  • The Triple Anti-Microbial Fabric has an odourless, antibacterial, and luxurious feel.
  • The mattress is anti-sagging, enables airflow, eases body pain, and promotes quality sleep.
  • Not too hard, not too soft; it conveys the ideal feeling.
  • The use of memory foam helps in releasing pressure.
  • The bedsheet is securely held in place by the comfy mattress.
  • Excellent product for the price and easy installation.


  • The mattress cannot be used on both sides.
  • The movement on one side of the mattress can be sensed on the other side.
  • The brand does not offer a zipper washable cover with it.
  • The foam tends to sink in after prolonged use.
Disclaimer: These drawbacks are mentioned based on the customer reviews found on various websites.

Duroflex Mattress Range and Pricing

Duroflex offer a wide variety of mattresses. You can easily shop by range. They are categorised into Duropedic, Energise, Natural Living, Essential, and Bed in a Box. The Duropedic mattresses are trusted by experts and are made up of advanced orthopedic support to provide health benefits.
Moreover, its bed-in-box mattresses are easy to use. You just need to unroll it. Out of all the ranges, The Duropedic range stands out as the bestseller.

ProductMaterialsFirmnessPrice (Queen)Layers
LiveIn Orthopedic Memory foam 
5&6 Inch
PU FoamMedium FirmRs. 18,240/- Rs.  21,839/-4
LiveIn Orthopedic Memory foam 
8 Inch
PU FoamMedium FirmRs. 25,479/-4
Back Magic Orthopedic Coir
6 Inch
PU FoamMedium FirmRs. 20,773/-6
Balance Orthopedic Memory foam
6 Inch
Types of Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 30,203/-2
Strength Memory foam Coir orthopedic
6 Inch
Types of Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 30,885/-6
Posture Perfect Pocket Spring
8 Inch
PU FoamMedium FirmRs. 60,856/-4
Strength Plus Memory foam Coir orthopedic
6+2 Inch
Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 34,650/-7
Balance Plus Orthopedic Memory foam
6+2 Inch
Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 34,020/-4
Up Right Orthopedic
5 Inch
Ortho FoamMedium FirmRs. 16,614/-2
Back Magic Pro Orthopedic
6 Inch
PU FoamFirmRs. 20,773/-2
Propel Plus Pocket Spring
6+2 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 31,500/-4
Propel Pocket Spring
7 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 27,690/-3
Boltt Plush Spring
7 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 23,190/-4
Quboid Qube Cell
8 &10 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 48,000/- Rs. 55,380/-4
Boltt Plus Spring
6+2 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 26,550/-5
Tatva Natural Latex
6 Inch
Latex FoamMedium FirmRs. 53,183/-6
Prana Pocket Spring
8 Inch
Latex + PU FoamMedium SoftRs.  55,723/-5
Avaasa Natural
5 Inch
Latex FoamFirmRs. 32,940/-2
Kaya Chemical Free
6 Inch
Latex FoamSoftRs. 89,091/-1
Live In Memory Foam
5 & 6 Inch
Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 17,289/- to Rs. 20,201/-3
LiveIn Memory Foam
8 Inch
Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 24,023/-3
LiveIn 2 in 1
5 Inch
Comfort FoamMedium FirmRs. 16,379/-2
Edge Dual Sided
4 & 5 Inch
HR + PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 12,634/- Rs. 16,864/-2
Rise Spring Soft
6 Inch
HD + PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 19,022/-5
Rise Up Spring
7 Inch
PU FoamMedium SoftRs. 22,843/-6

Shipping and Returns

The plus factor of Duroflex is that they ship products for free all over India. Products are shipped within 2-3 days from the date of your order. Goods are delivered to the address shared while making the purchase. However, if you need to change any details, you can contact them directly and they can follow the same. Duroflex claims to try its best to accommodate the change. In return, only standard-size mattresses are eligible. Duroflex usually takes approximately 10 days to get its product returned or replaced.


Duroflex does not offer any trials.


Duroflex offers a warranty as well. However, it may vary for different products. On average they offer a 2-10 year warranty policy. Duroflex offers warranty against manufacturing defects that can be repaired or replaced within the mentioned time of warranty.


For ease in payments, Duroflex accepts all major Debit cards, Credit cards, and Net banking as well. The company also gives EMI offers. For more, check their terms and conditions.

Special Offers And Coupons

Duroflex will keep introducing coupon codes, offers, and discounts periodically. Currently, the brand is celebrating the “Festival of Change ” and has given a bumper BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER on absolutely pretty and elegant bed sheets. However, you need to use a code to avail this offer.

Check out the huge range of offers by Duroflex –

  • Get 5% OFF with several coupon codes
  • An additional 5% discount on paying by specific cards ad Easy EMI
  • Cashbacks up to Rs. 2,500/- with specific payment apps
  • Easy EMI up to Rs 5,000.
  • Diwali Gifts worth up to Rs. 14,000/-
  • Flat 10% cashback up to Rs. 500/- on purchases above Rs. 4,999/-
  • A special discount for First Time Users, if they subscribe to Duroflex’s latest offers and News they can avail up to 10% OFF on purchase value of Rs. 30,000/- or above

Contact and Customer Service

For any queries and other information, you can contact Duroflex at +91+91 9513000868 or write an email to [email protected]

Duroflex Mattress and Bed Size Dimension Chart

Duroflex offer a wide range of sizes when it comes to mattresses. From single, double, queen to king, Duruflex has it all. Each variation has a minimum of 1–8 ranges. Customisation is available too! Have a look at the Duroflex Mattress and Bed Size Dimension Chart-

SizeSize 1 (In Feet)Size 2(In Feet)Size 3 
(In Feet
Size 4(In Feet)Size 5 (In Feet)Size 6 (In Feet)Size 7 (In Feet)Size 8 (In Feet)Starting at
Single6×2.56.25*2.56.5*2.56*2.96.25*2.96.5*2.96*36.5*3Rs. 10,829/-

To make sleep more comfortable for you, Duroflex offers custom size mattresses too! You just need to enter your bed size i.e., length and breadth of the bed in the custom size option that is available on the website.
For eg – If your mattress size has a length of 200 cm and breadth of 200 cm.
Accordingly, you can put the same size in the custom size section and then place the order, it’s just that simple!

Disclaimer: All the prices mentioned here are the original prices and not the discounted prices. The Duroflex Mattresses have discounts and sales from time to time. Visit their website to know their pricing at that current time. Price and product information updated as of 25th November 2022. 

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Written by

kritika joshi
Content Writer
6+ years of experience as a content writer. Previously worked as a freelance writer for one of the top mattress brands in India. Well-versed in writing product reviews, product descriptions and content for e-comm sites.

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