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Sleepyhead Mattress Review

Update: March 23, 2023
4 min read

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In order to meet the unmet mattress needs of Indian consumers, Steven Van Alen launched Sleepyhead in 2017. He understood that people want convenience and fashionable designs at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or service. Today, Sleepyhead is one of the fastest-growing D2C mattress brands in India. It is a modern mattress brand that caters to the needs of modern homes.

Currently the brand offers a wide range of mattresses, beds, sofas and couches, recliners, tables, bookshelves, and much more that your home requires with the goal of making daily living fun and fabulous for its consumers.

Sleep Guides India knows that what you sleep on matters more than how long you sleep. Hence, it brings a comprehensive overview of Sleepyhead Mattresses to your platter so that you can choose the right mattress according to your needs.

Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress

As the name suggests, Sleepyhead’s main goal is to offer excellent sleep and comfort at an affordable price. The brand offers mattresses made with Memory foam, High Resilience Foam, and Latex to meet the needs and expectations of Indian consumers. From the range of options that Sleepyhead offers, the Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress is quite popular. The Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress has super soft foam, making it incredibly comfortable.

Price Range

INR 11,999 – INR 25,999

Mattress Type



(Medium Firm)

Ideal for


  • People who want relief from back pain.





Rating summary

Motion Isolation

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank Star

Temperature Control

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank Star

Pressure Relief

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank Star

Edge Support

Full StarFull StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star

Ease of Movement

Full StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank Star


Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarBlank Star


Full StarFull StarFull StarBlank StarBlank Star

What Is Your Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress Made Of?

Sleepyhead’s very popular Laxe Mattress is a natural latex mattress created specifically from the sap of the rubber tree, which allows good airflow in the mattress and makes it breathable for consumers. It is also long-lasting and relieves pain and pressure. Continue reading to find out what it is made of-

1.The mattress comes locked in a washable Zipper Cover which can be easily removed for easy wash.

2.Topped by a Premium fabric that is machine washable and breathable. The mattress allows air to move through, allowing it to dry rapidly and drain away moisture for maximum comfort.

3.The use of 100% Natural Latex Foam, makes the mattress distribute your weight evenly and contours to your body like the finest memory foam. The Latex foam provides constant ventilation, keeping your mattress cool even in warm weather.

4.Followed by a Super Soft Foam gives the mattress extra padding making it super soft, thus an excellent choice for children and adults suffering from back problems.

5.The mattress feels firm and provides adequate support for your body thanks to the final layer of Support Foam, which is designed to support your back.

6.The Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress is made from the sap of Rubber trees, thereby making the mattress bouncy and retaining its original shape even after years of use.

Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress
INR 11,999 – INR 25,999
Medium Firm
Mattress Type
Latex Foam

Cover Material:




Transitional Layer:




Comfort Layer:




Support Care:



  • Firmness: The Sleepyhead Luxe Mattress gives you a firm feel with balanced support. The firm layer provides an ideal sleeping experience for persons who suffer from back problems
  • Layers: The use of multiple layers provides the body with just the correct amount of support. With the topmost layer made from the sap of the rubber tree, you may be confident that your mattress will last a long time
  • Support: The resilience of Sleepyhead Laxe allows the mattress to distribute your weight evenly, providing optimum support to your body

Reasons To Love Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress

  • The firm mattress relieves pain and eases pressure
  • Quality fabric is breathable and gives a luxurious feel
  • The Latex foam makes the mattress super soft and bouncy.
  • The Sleepyhead mattress doesn’t retain heat and feels cool even in summer
  • The base foam provides firm support to the overall mattress construction
  • An excellent product to ensure sound sleep
  • The latex foam is dust, mite, and allergen resistant.
  • They require low maintenance.
  • As the name suggests, the laxe mattress is eco-friendly. It is made with pure latex and some other natural catalysts.


  • The mattress doesn’t come with an external cover
  • Doesn’t relieve back pain 
  • Size issues.
  • The Soft foam makes the mattress just too soft to sleep on. 
  • The mattress doesn’t feel as supportive as claimed
Disclaimer: The drawbacks mentioned here have been gathered from customer reviews across various platforms. 

Sleepyhead Mattress Range and Pricing

Sleepyhead offers four different variations of mattresses based on their material: Original, Laxe, Sense, and Flip. The Original mattress provides good sleep to orthopedics at an affordable price. The Laxe mattress is for those who prefer everything organic. If you crave good sleep then a Sense mattress will make great sense. The Flip mattress comes with  a dual-side feature. However, of all, the Laxe mattress turns out to be a bestseller.

ProductMaterialsFirmnessPrice (Queen)LayersLink
5 Inch
Types of Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 13999/-3Buy Now
6 Inch
Types of Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 15999/-3Buy Now
8 Inch
Types of Memory FoamMedium FirmRs. 17999/-3Buy Now
6 Inch
Latex FoamMedium FirmRs. 20,999/-3Buy Now
8 Inch
Latex FoamMedium FirmRs. 22,999/-3Buy Now
6 Inch
High-Density FoamMedium FirmRs. 17,999/-3Buy Now
8 Inch
High-Density FoamMedium FirmRs. 19,999/-3Buy Now
5 Inch
High-Density FoamMedium SoftRs. 11,499/-3Buy Now
6 Inch
High-Density FoamMedium SoftRs. 11,999/-3Buy Now

Shipping & Returns

Sleepyhead doesn’t charge extra for shipping across India. It takes roughly 10 days for the ace brand to ship its goods. If unsatisfied, the customers can return the products within 10 days of receiving the product which is a No Question Asked Return Policy. Sleepyhead also offers a replacement policy, although consumers have to bear the return shipping cost of INR 1500 within the country.


With Sleepyhead’s Free 100 nights trial. You can try their products for 100 nights and can also return the same if unsatisfied within the trial period for a full refund.


Sleepyhead Mattresses provides a warranty for a period of 10 years against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. You can find the lists of manufacturing defects on their warranty policy.


  • Warranty is not applicable on wear and tear of covers of mattresses or stitchings.
  • Not applicable to improper usage by customers.


Sleepyhead Mattress can be brought directly from the website by paying the entire charge altogether or opting for an EMI scheme. The company accepts card payments from all major banks. However, the EMI option is only applicable to banks that have ties to their system.

Special Offers and Coupons

Sleepyhead offers and coupons are only applicable on full payments. Offers are not applicable on products that are bought through the EMI option.


Contact and Customer Service

For any queries and other information, you can contact Sleepyhead at +9198884884345 or write a mail to them at [email protected]. Customer service is available every day between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Sleepyhead Mattress and Bed Size Dimension Chart

Sleepyhead Mattress has four mattress variations to offer when it comes to size or dimensions. Single, Double, King, and Queen. Each variation has a minimum of 1 size range to 6 different size ranges to offer.

Have a look at the Sleepyhead laxe Mattress and Bed Size Dimension Chart-

SizeSize 1 
(In Feet)
Size 2
(In Feet)
Size 3 
(In Feet)
Size 4 
(In Feet)
Size 5 
(In Feet)
Size 6 (In Feet)Starting at
Single6x3x66x3x86.25x3x66.25x3x86.5x3x66.5x3x8Rs. 15,999/-
King6x6x66x6x86.25x6x66.25x6x86.5x6x66.5x6x8Rs. 23,999/-
Disclaimer: All the prices mentioned here are the original prices and not the discounted prices. The Sleepyhead Mattresses have discounts and sales from time to time. Visit their website to know their pricing at that current time. Price and product information updated as of 26th November 2022. 

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