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Best Mattress for Senior Citizens in India (2023)

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Update: May 2, 2023
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kritika joshi
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Best Mattress For Senior Citizen

Sleep is a vital component that facilitates our overall well-being. But as you grow older, your sleep cycle changes. There are several reasons, such as medications or pain that make it harder for senior citizens to fall asleep. And not getting a peaceful shuteye will lead to irritation, falls, and even depression. Therefore, the first step is to bring home the best mattress for senior citizens in India. 

When the comfort element of sleep is sorted, falling asleep becomes easier. Therefore, when it comes to a mattress for senior citizens, it must match their requirements to prevent an uneasy night of tossing and turning. Here, we bring you our top picks along with an outline of the features and highlights of each mattress so you can effortlessly choose the best mattress for senior citizens. Read ahead!

1. Sleepyhead Laxe – Natural Latex Mattress

Sleepyhead brings you Laxe, which is their natural latex mattress. Here, the top layer of the mattress comes with natural latex layers for great support and comfort. It is a mattress-in-a-box, which gets delivered to you directly from the factory. The brand offers free delivery and returns and offers a 10-year warranty. The best part is that the brand also gives you 100 trial nights. So now you can easily test the mattress for almost three months before reaching a decision. 

Sleepyhead Laxe can be a great choice for senior citizens because of the firmness and support the latex layer offers. It is also a durable mattress, which doesn’t require too much maintenance. It can give you a fantastic night’s sleep and is also completely natural and good for the environment.

 Mattress Construction 

Laxe is available in all the standard sizes, which include Single, Double, King and Queen and comes in 6 and 8-inch thicknesses. If you are looking for something slightly plush, the 8-inch thickness can be a better choice. Finally, it is made of four layers. 

Layer 1: Here, you get a washable and breathable fabric, which allows the passage of air to dry quickly and wick away moisture for optimum comfort.

Layer 2: This is where the hero of the mattress comes in. Yes, we are talking about the natural latex layer. 

Layer 3: This layer is made of super soft foam for that extra cushioning you need. This layer also helps with pressure relief. 

Layer 4: Here, you get the support foam. 


Sleepyhead is here with Laxe to elevate your sleep experience. This mattress is an amalgamation of latex and foam that’s put together to offer you luxurious comfort. Now, at medium-firm, Laxe hits the right chord when it comes to firmness. It doesn’t feel too hard or soft and is perfect for all age groups. 

One of the advantages of opting for a latex top mattress is that they are dust and mite resistant. This can be ideal for senior citizens to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. 

The top layer of the mattress is washable, making it easy to maintain and clean. This layer also helps with proper airflow to keep the surface cool. The latex layer also aids the breathability of the mattress due to its natural pin core structure and evenly distributes the body weight. It also cushions all the high points of the body to offer pressure relief. The foam layers come together to prevent any pain and give you incredible comfort.


Sleepyhead has been gaining recognition for its efforts and was accoladed at exchange4media D2C Revolution: Summit and Awards 2022

Buyer Reviews 

The mattress sounds too good. But is it true? Let’s see what the public is saying! 

Review 1

It’s onetime investment need not worry for atleast 5yrs and its suits especially for aged parents. – By Rajendiran V

Review 2

Mattress is very comfortable. I used this product for 2 years and now ordered for my parents. Delivery is on time. Good product to buy. – By Shailender Kumar 

Review 3

Easy to unbox. took fe hours to expand but good feel. Got it from my parents as they were complaining back ache with previous mattress. After using this there are no complains. – Shruthi 

Review 4

Bought a king size, 8 inch latex mattress. It’s better than all orthopedic mattresses available in market. It’s perfect to my liking. Not too soft, prefect for back support. Mattress stays cool because of Latex, cover feels premium, delivery was fast. I must say, after 1 month of usage, I am happy with the product. Highly recommend this product!! – By Shivam

2. Sleepycat Hybrid Latex Mattress

Sleepycat brings you a highly supportive orthopaedic mattress that has all the elements you need in a mattress. It is said to contour all 5 zones of the body for an absolutely lovely sleep. 

With a Hybrid Latex mattress, you get 10 years of warranty and 100 trial nights. So, you can easily take the mattress on a test run to see if it suits your needs. If not, you can return it for a full refund within the completion of the 100 nights. This is a firm mattress and comes with a washable cover for easy use. 

Mattress Construction 

Sleepycat is available in all the standard sizes and you can also customise the size as per your requirements. It comes in 6 and 8-inch thicknesses and has five layers. 

Layer 1: The topmost layer is made of SoftTouch Bamboo Fiber Ezie Zipper Cover. It is breathable and comes with a honeycomb pattern that unzips at the top for easy cleaning.

Layer 2: This layer is made of latex foam. It is supportive and firm with a slight bounce to keep you feeling well-rested and supported.

Layer 3: Here, you get an open-cell memory foam. It cushions your weight and offers the perfect transition. It also ensures breathability. 

Layer 4: This is where you get the high density foam. It comes with support channels on either side to offer 5-zone support while improving firmness, comfort and durability. This layer also provides complete structure to the mattress. 

Layer 5: You have the high-quality linen finish fabric for durability and style. 


Sleepcat brings you this firm orthopaedic support mattress that is excellent for the back. It gives you the right amount of support along with the perfect balance of latex and memory foam for a thorough comfort. The 5-zone supports all the pressure points and gives it the cushioning it needs. 

The mattress is also easy to maintain and extremely breathable due to the bamboo cover. You can easily remove it and give it a wash to maintain the hygiene of the mattress. 

Sleepycat brings you this responsive mattress that doesn’t cause sinking in feeling. It is easier to get in and out of the bed and offers proper support. 


Sleepycat is making waves for the incredible product it brings and its CEO and Co-Founder, Kabir Saddiq was awarded BW Disrupt – Young Entrepreneur Awards 2021. 

Buyer Reviews 

Are people happy with Sleepycat? Does it leave a lasting impression? Find out below! 

Review 1

Super! I have tried both soft and firm but i think firm one is very good for old age person and soft one is good for young people overall it’s very nice nad service is also good it’s amazing 😍

Review 2

Wonderful experience. Thank u sleepycat..

It’s rely great to see u r parents happy …

Thank u so much … – By Meera

Review 3

Good mattress good for back pain also movement at one end of the mattress doesn’t disturb the person at the other end. – By Ryan 

Review 4

Good experience, unlike other matress it’s coming back to normal position as soon as we get up from it. No sagging. Very comfortable sleep. Really worth buying and value for money. – By Saju Menon 

3. SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress

The Ortho Memory Foam Mattress by SleepX is here to offer you a blend of comfort and support. It feels plush and cosy yet doesn’t cause a sinking-in feeling. It comes with 10 years warranty and you get 100 trial nights. So, you can easily use the mattress for about three months before making a decision. 

 Here, you get free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about any additional charges. SleepX also brings you financing options, which you can avail of directly from their website. 

Mattress Construction 

SleepX Ortho comes in all standard sizes. You can also order a custom size if that’s what you want. And the mattress is available in 5, 6, and 8-inch thicknesses and comes in four layers. 

Layer 1: Here, you get Next-Gen Memory Foam in Quilting. 

Layer 2: This is where you get the high-resilience foam. 

Layer 3: The third layer is made of high-density foam. 

Layer 4: This layer is made of Softech Quiltech Foam in Quilting. 


SleepX helps support your back with its Orthopaedic Technology along with a touch of luxury. It is designed to keep your spine aligned while the next-gen memory foam keeps you snug while you sleep. It cradles the shape of the body and offers pressure point relief. 

The mattress comes with air-mesh fabric, which facilitates air circulation, keeping the mattress fresh and hygienic. This means the mattress remains cool throughout the night. The mattress also comes with anti-microbial technology that helps with the freshness of the mattress and can be suitable for those suffering from any allergies. 


Some of the major awards won by the brand include;

  • Zee Dare-To-Dream – Business Person of The Year 
  • Fortune India The Next 500 – 5th Rank 
  • Economic Times – Best Brands Award 2019
  • Reader’s Digest Award – 2017 and 2018

Buyer Reviews 

Do buyers love this mattress? Let’s see! 

Review 1

Great mattress with proper balance of firmness and softness. My previous Ortho mattress felt like a woodblock instead of a mattress. It was so hard I could barely sleep and the backache it gave me was disastrous! I then came across many websites and brands for a mattress for backache and then decided to get this one as it was much affordable then other ones and it was better not to burn a whole in my pocket ! This mattress is just so perfect. I have been using it for the last 6-7 months now and I sleep so peacefully and no more backache & uneasiness

The purchase went so smoothly and all the updates for delivery came from the team! Good job SleepX, keep up the good work! – By Sharaf

Review 2

The mattress gives my back full support. I have had a backache for a long time and have changed several mattresses! I came back to write this for all those people who have back problems and are looking for Ortho Mattress. This is the perfect one I assure you! Thank me later! – By Aditya

Review 3

It is an excellent buy. It has apt support and stiffness and excellent quality. The delivery by Sleepx was very well scheduled.

If you are looking for a comfortable, not very hard and not a very soft mattress, I think this product is well suited. – By Ravi Nayyar

Review 4

An excellent orthopedic mattress. Right amount of firmness for a restful back friendly sleep. The soft top layer provides comfort. I feel this is a two I one mattress which gives comfort of memory foam and support of an orthopedic mattress. Just go for it with eyes closed! – By Arun

4. The Sleep Company Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

The Sleep Company brings you a wondrous mattress that helps you get rid of back pain and any spinal problems. The brand claims that Ortho Pro is Scientifically tested and shown to improve back pain problems in just 2 weeks. It’s like therapy for your back. 

Ortho Pro comes with 10 years warranty and they give you 100 trial nights. It is also scientifically approved and trusted by doctors at the All India Health Association (AIHA). Rest assured and bid farewell to your back pain with the AIHA Certified Orthopedic Mattress. 

Mattress Construction 

The mattress comes in Single, Queen, King and Custom-Size and is available in 6, 8, and 10-inch thicknesses. It is made of five layers. They are;

Layer 1: Here, it is made of premium knitted melange fabric. It is a breathable fabric made with eco-friendly hypoallergenic fabric. 

Layer 2: This is where you SmartGRID, which adapts instantly to any body shape, provides support and offers cooling comfort. 

Layer 3: The third layer is made of ortho-relief fabric to keep your spine aligned. 

Layer 4: This layer is made of 5 zones of the orthopaedic support layer. 
Layer 5: Finally, you get a melange fabric anti-skid base.


Ortho Pro comes with The Sleep Company’s patented design, made of hyper polymers to offer you the balance between comfort and firmness. They say it is the biggest comfort technology developed by DRDO scientists keeping sleep science in mind. 

This mattress is made of breathable fabric, which means you remain cool throughout the night. It is also hypoallergenic and smooth on the skin. 

The SmartGRID layers contour to the body shape and offer the right support and release any pressure from the high points of the body. Here, you enjoy additional cooling comfort. 

The 5 zones orthopaedic layer offers ideal spinal alignment and zonal support for different parts of the body. 

Buyer Reviews 

Let’s see what the consumers are saying about the mattress. 

Review 1

I recently purchased the smart ortho mattress from the sleep company as my back used to ache a lot and doctor had advised me to change my mattress. I am s happy with my purchase as these mattresses are really very comfortable and take your body shape allowing a good sleep. My back pain has also started to cure really fast. – By Nagar 

Review 2

My friend suggested me this mattress of the sleep company and told me that this companies mattress would resolve my back pain problem. I bought it instantly because I was so much in pain. I am using this mattress from last two months and guys seriously i can see my backs condition improving. Price was a little high but i was impressed by its quality. – By Ambar Sharma 

Review 3

Damn! I did not believe that a mattresses can resolve half of my issue. I am a firm believer of using any stuff before believing in it. So i ordered mattress and pillows as they give 100 night free trial. But damn! In just one month of usage I was surprised and impressed with this mattress. Can you believe my sleep cycle is getting better after I started sleeping on it. – By Kalpana 

Review 4

The smart grid technology really makes a difference. I availed the 100 nights trial offer by TSC and I do not regret at all. Plus the customer support team was so nice and helpful. They walk me through the whole process. The overall experience was so wholesome. – By Abhishek

5. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit brings you an Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress that is designed to give you a good night’s rest. It is a mattress designed to give you targeted relief. Here, the spinal alignment is always maintained and you wake up feeling refreshed every morning. 

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and they give you 100 trial nights. So, you can use the mattress for some time and see if it is the right fit and move ahead from there. It is a medium-firm mattress that offers quality sleep. 

Mattress Construction 

Wakefit is available in all the standard sizes and you can also opt for a custom size. It comes in 5, 6, 8, and 10-inch thicknesses and is made of three layers. 

Layer 1: This layer is made of the Next Gen Memory Foam, which adapts to the shape of the body. 

Layer 2: Here, you get 7 pressure zone layer that enables air circulation and offers body-targeted support. 

Layer 3: In this layer, you get high-resilience foam. This is a firm base for adequate support. 


This medium-firm mattress adapts to the shape of the body and helps you achieve optimal comfort. It helps with pressure point relief and ensures you wake up without any pain. Due to the second layer, you enjoy excellent coolness because of the continuous air flow and are easily able to avoid sweaty nights. 

It also offers targeted body support to help you relax. The mattress is not very soft or hard and gives you the comfort you desire. It is an ideal mattress for adults and senior citizens. 


This brand has been showered with several awards. 

  • White Page International – India’s Most Admired Brand 2019
  • Indian Retail and eRetail Congress – Startup of the year 
  • Business Today – Coolest startup of the year 2018

Buyer Reviews 

Let’s see what the consumers are saying about the mattress. 

Review 1

I am no expert in how mattresses are made but being one of the interns in WakeFit Sleep Internship I know a few things about a good sleep. I have been using the WakeFit Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress for 4 months now and I can say without an iota of doubt that this is the best mattress I have slept on. The foam gives your back the much-needed support and you wake up without any sore back and all energized for the day. The mattress packaging was great, I had regular communication with the team till the delivery was made and they checked even after about how I liked the product. If you are looking for a quality mattress which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket your search should end here. – By Ashutosh Dixit 

Review 2

I searched web e-commerce sites for a good mattress in terms of comfort, quality and economy. After thorough research, I homed on to buy Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress from Wakefit being full of features yet economical. Its Memory foam layer is amazing, relaxing and a stress buster, middle pressure zone ensures air circulation keeping the mattress cool. Its bottom layer is high resilience foam that adjusts to the body contours giving firm yet smooth support and helped ease my back-pain ensuring sound sleep. Its cover is very smooth and is washable. The mattress can be used from both sides. My family is using the mattress for more than 3 months now and we are extremely happy with the purchase. The Wakefit Mattress is providing my family the best comfortable sleep every night. The mattress meets all my expectations and is value for money and I plan to purchase one more similar mattress. I would highly recommend Wakefit mattress for whoever loves his sleep zzz’z. – Ranjit Singh

Review 3

Trust me fantastic mattress.. First of all great great great! Packaging with bag Perfact balance of bouncyness and firmness perfect for body comfirt Which gives peace and healthy sleep which makes our day better. – By Yogesh Bhatt

Review 4

Complete satisfaction with the product with respect to ease of booking online. Delivery timeline and product quality. Excellent job by wakefit. Keep it up. – By Rakesh Patel

6. Springtek 100% Natural Latex Dunlop Mattress

If you are looking for a 100% natural latex mattress, Springtek has you sorted. Their Dunlop mattress comes with 11 years of warranty and is medium-plush, which means it is not very soft or hard but just right. 

Springtek also offers you 101 trial nights so you can try the mattress and be absolutely sure before making a commitment. If you think the mattress is not for you, you can return it before your trial period is up for a full refund. 

Springtek says that this mattress is designed by their vastly experienced team and sleep experts to help you achieve the best sleep of your life!

Mattress Construction 

This mattress is available in all the standard sizes along with the option of customisation and comes in 6 and 8-inch thicknesses. Springtek Latex mattress has four layers. 

Layer 1: The topmost layer of the mattress is made of a 100% organic cotton removable zipper cover. 

Layer 2: Here, you get an inner fabric between the layer. 

Layer 3: The third layer is made of GOLS Certified Dunlop Pin Core Latex Block with 85 density.

Layer 4: You get a premium fabric base. 


Sprintek Latex is an eco-friendly and all-natural choice. This is especially suited for those suffering from any allergies. One of the advantages of a Latex mattress is that it is durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Also, thanks to the zipper cover, keeping the mattress clean is incredibly easy. You can just wash the outer cover and you are good to go. 

The pin-core latex mattress comes with a breathable structure to keep you cool throughout the night. So, if you are worried about feeling hot or too sweaty at night, don’t worry. It also comes with moisture-wicking properties and is free of any toxins. 

When you lie on the mattress, you immediately experience the comfort. It offers pressure point relief and also maintains the alignment of your back. This mattress is designed to give you refined support and increased relief and you feel it. For a refreshing sleep, this mattress is definitely an ideal choice.

Buyer Reviews 

Let’s see what the buyers have to say! 

Review 1

I had a very good experience and appreciate the follow by people from Springtek. The mattress is wonderful and comfortable. I am delighted by your service and product quality. I highly recommend the product and your company on both quality and benefit in terms of cost. (Value for money). Thanks and Best Lt Col B K Malhotra Retd. – By Bhaigrath Malhotra

Review 2

I am writing this review 8 MONTHS OF USE OF Springtek LATEX MATTRESS. The comfort is medium as described which is really comfortable. Sleeping like an infant on it! Perfect fit on my bed, the latex feel is heaven. High Class Product. I asked for the authenticity of the product, for which the seller provided me certificates of the product on WhatsApp without any hesitation. Their customer support services are excellent. Very polite and eager to answer any queries thrown at them through WhatsApp or phone calls. Price compared to other sellers is much lower. – By Joy Ra

Review 3

Cloth quality is good. Quilted shapes are good. Edges material threading is low quality to to handle the matress weight. If cloth quality is stain free it would be better. Stiching of threadrs for quilts is just moderate. Allover, worth for cost. – By Hari kishore

Review 4

The mattress is quite nice and as described. The latex quality is also good. Writing this review after using the mattress for 3 months, and its as good. Furthermore, the delivery was done promptly and size was checked, confirmed twice by the seller. – By Vishal Singh

7. Comforto Siesta Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Comforto brings you a mattress-in-a-box that’s designed to give you a good night’s rest. Comforto comes with 35+ years of experience where they deliver the mattress to you directly from the factory and have trusted customer support executives who can help you with any queries you may have. 

The mattress comes with 10 years of warranty against manufacturing defects and they offer you 100 trial nights. This mattress is suitable for both adults and senior citizens as it can help you combat any pain and wake up refreshed. 

Mattress Construction 

Comforto is available in all the standard sizes- Single, Double, Queen and King and they also help you with customisation. The mattress is available in 5, 6, and 8-inch thicknesses and is made of five layers. 

Layer 1: The first layer comes with an ultra-premium cover that offers superior comfort. 

Layer 2: Here, you get a comfort foam that helps reduce motion transfer. 

Layer 3: This layer is made of responsive memory foam for pressure-relieving comfort. 

Layer 4: This layer comes with HD support foam to prevent any sinking.
Layer 5: Finally, you get a 3D mesh layer for optimal air circulation.


Comforto offers a mattress that brings you excellent comfort at a budget-friendly price. It is a memory foam mattress and comes in medium firmness. 

The topmost layer of the mattress offers cosiness and support. It helps with the alignment of the spine and fights off any pain. The second layer helps with motion isolation. It means, even if one person moves around, the other will not feel a thing and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. 

With layer three you get pressure point relief comfort. This is also great for side sleepers who wake up with pain in the shoulders or neck as this mattress will cushion the high points of the body. Finally, the air mesh fabric keeps the mattress cool so you can avoid hot and sweaty nights. 

Buyer Reviews 

Does this mattress make an impact? Let’s find out! 

Review 1

Amazing and excellent quality mattress at an affordable price. Thanks Flipkart & Comforto. My family loves it. – By Manoj

Review 2

This is a very good product. I bought it in 2020 and reviewing it in 2022. There is absolutely no change in shape or size since then. When I placed the order, I also got a call back from the company/dealer asking to confirm the size of the mattress as it is difficult to return. Even the packaging was great. I am happy with it. – By Girish A Reddy 

Review 3

I  really appreciate its packaging and return policy . No need to return of course . Nice product. Very soft . Gives hotel vibes. – By Kaushik Maity

Review 4

It was delivered on the promised date. The product quality is way more than my expectation, I have ordered 8 inch height and it is perfect for those who are having backpain. It has very good comfort and firmness to adjust with our body posture while sleeping. I recommend this product, please go for it without a doubt. Thanks Comforto for this product ! – By Amazon Customer 

8. The Flo Mattress Ortho

If you are looking for the ideal mattress for senior citizens, you cannot go wrong with Flo Ortho. It can be even beneficial if you are someone suffering from back issues. Flo Ortho is a firm mattress, which comes with 10 years of warranty and 100 trial nights. So you can try it before you commit to it. 

It is designed with a unique technology known as PainRelease. This helps maintain the S shape of the spine and offers optimal stability. Another unique feature of this mattress is that it comes with a cashmere top that’s treated with aloe vera to keep your skin hydrated. 

Mattress Construction 

This mattress is available in all the standard sizes and you can also get a custom size. It comes in 4, 6, 8, and 10-inch thicknesses and five layers. 

Layer 1: The topmost layer is an aloe vera gel-infused cashmere zipped cover. 

Layer 2: Here, you get the PainRelease technology, which is designed to remove back and body pain. 

Layer 3: This layer comes with a High Resilience PU foam for additional back support. 

Layer 4: This layer is made of responsive foam for unparalleled back support. 

Layer 5: Finally, you get 3D Air-Flo Fabric that enables breathability. 


Flo Ortho comes with a harder surface to combat back pain and give you the support you need. This is perfect for ageing individuals or those who need excellent back stability. As aforementioned, it comes with a unique PainRelease design that maintains the alignment of the spine. The firm top layer of the mattress also gives you the necessary bounce and comfort. 

The Flo responsive ensures your body doesn’t sink in and responds well to pressure. Here, the more pressure you exert, the more support it offers you. The aloe layer keeps the skin hydrated and the 3D Air-Flo technology keeps you cool when you sleep.  

Buyer Reviews

Let’s see what people are saying about the mattress. 

Review 1

This is my 10th night with the mattress and I must be honest it has been a very good experience with this. I sleep for 10 hrs straight. I strongly recommend people who want a very awful experience with their sleep. – By Mansur A

Review 2

When I heard it from one of my friend who used it, I didn’t believe how actually it will be but it is awesome. I bought Ortho (6/4/10) for my parents. – By Ashok A

Review 3

Nice packaging experience love the way you send the mattress. – By Anshul T

Review 4

Overall customised size option is truly amazing.Quality is excellent and extremely comfortable as i have expected. Flow metress is live upto my expectations. 10 on 10. – By Kirtikumar V

9. Sleepwell Admire Supportec Mattress

Another well-known name in the Indian mattress market has to be Sleepwell. They not only offer quality mattresses but they are also well within the budget. Here, Sleepwell brings you an Admire Supprtech mattress. It comes with a 5 years warranty but no sleep trials. However, they offer free delivery and returns. 

Admire Supportec is a medium-firm mattress that comes with Neem Freshe technology. It is an anti-microbial technology that is integrated into the mattress. It helps keep your mattress fresh and maintains proper hygiene. This is an essential factor, especially when browsing for a mattress for the elderly. 

Mattress Construction 

Admire Supportec is available in Single, Queen and King and comes in 4.5 and 5.5-inch thicknesses. It is made of four layers. 

Layer 1: The topmost layer of the mattress is made of maroon premium jacquard fabric that comes with intricate designs and offers a smooth finish. This is a strong fabric that aids the durability of the bed. 

Layer 2: Here, you get double-layered Sleepwell Quiltec quilting. This gives a plush surface and enhances heat dissipation to remove any humidity. It also has a superior loft.

Layer 3: This layer is made of Sleepwell restic foam, which comes with high resilience and provides pressure point relief. 

Layer 4: The final layer is made of rebonded foam that provides environmental friendliness by ensuring zero waste and supports the body. 


Admire Supportec checks all the right boxes. First, the topmost layer of the mattress not only offers you a comfortable surface but also helps keep your body cool. It eradicates any humidity and dissipates heat flawlessly. 

The support it offers is excellent. It maintains your spinal alignment and also delivers pressure point relief to avoid any back or neck pain in the mornings. You are able to enjoy a comfortable sleep without any disturbance. This mattress comes with a firm bottom that not only supports the mattress but also gives you full body support. This medium-firm mattress also offers a comfortable bounce and lends better flexibility.


Some of the awards won by the brand include;

  • INDIA TODAY | 2020 – India’s most trusted brand
  • Economic Times – Best Brands 2019
  • Reader’s Digest – Trusted Brand 2018

10. Duroflex Back Magic Pro Orthopaedic Mattress

One of the most well-known mattress brands in India is Duroflex. It has ruled the mattress market for decades because of the quality they offer. Here, they bring you an orthopaedic mattress known as the Back Magic Pro! 

Back Magic comes with 5 years of warranty. The warranty could have been slightly better, but not too poor. However, Back Magic Pro doesn’t come with any trial nights, which can be discouraging for a few. That said, the brand offers financing where the EMI starts from as low as  INR 782 per month. Duroflex offer free delivery and this medium-firm mattress is doctor recommended. 

Mattress Construction 

Back Magic is 6-inch thick and comes in all the standard sizes, which include Single, Double, Queen and King. If you are someone who is looking for Custom Sizes, Duroflex offer. Coming to the mattress construction is made of four layers. 

Layer 1: The topmost layer of the mattress is made of knitted fabric with PU foam quilting. 

Layer 2: The second layer of the mattress is doctor-recommended and offers 5 zones of orthopaedic support. 

Layer 3: Here, you get high-density bonded foam. 

Layer 4: This layer is made of jacquard woven fabric. 


Back Magic Pro is a doctor-recommended orthopaedic mattress that can be ideal for adults and senior citizens. This mattress provides excellent support. With its 5-zone orthopaedic layer, it cushions all your high points and adjusts to the shape of your body effortlessly. It is a necessary factor in a mattress for senior citizens as pressure point relief helps avoid any pain or aches. It also offers great spinal alignment and gives you a refreshing sleep. 

Now, this is a medium-firm mattress that feels just right. It is comfortable and offers a personalised sleep experience.  Duroflex says that this mattress is tested and trusted by the experts at National Health Academy for its advanced orthopaedic support and many health benefits. 


Duroflex has been awarded the Dare-To-Dream award. 

  • Company of the Year – Consumer Durables’ Award at the Zee Business Dare-To-Dream Awards

Buyer Reviews 

Let’s see what the consumers are saying about the brand. 

Review 1

Very comfortable and provides great support for back … good decision to purchase this mattress after evaluating different brands… only issue is when we bought Duroflex mattress from the shop two years back we got two pillows and a bedsheet free which was not provided while we purchased online… would have loved to have matching pillows… thank you. – By Rajeev

Review 2

I bought this mattress for my parents, they said it is the ultimate mattress they were looking for , as it’s a firm mattress for back support as well as soft for comfortable sleeping. I’m happy buying it. – By Suchit Basantaray

Review 3

Bought this mattress for my parents, they said it is the ultimate mattress they were looking for , as it’s a firm mattress for back support as well as soft for comfortable sleeping. I’m happy buying it. – By Niranjan

Review 4

I bought this product for my parent they says it’s quite comfortable, firm mattress, support well. overall a good product. – By Golmei Basant


A good night’s sleep can be one of the simple pleasures of life. However, for senior citizens, it is also important for their overall well-being. They need a mattress that offers complete stability, support, and comfort. So, this was a list of the best beds for senior citizens that met the brief, to the T. 

Happy Mattress Shopping!

Disclaimer: All the prices mentioned here are the original prices and not the discounted prices. The brands have discounts and sales from time to time. Visit their website to know their pricing at that current time.


Is an orthopaedic mattress good for senior citizens?

Orthopaedic mattresses are excellent for senior citizens and also people suffering from pain or recovering from injuries.

Do senior citizens need a firm mattress?

Senior citizens need a mattress that ranges from medium-firm to firm, depending on their personal preference. This is because a soft mattress may not be able to offer the ideal support and can also lead to the feeling of sinking in. 

Is foam mattress good for the elderly?

Yes, a medium-firm memory foam mattress can be good for the elderly as it helps minimise aches and pains associated with pressure build-up. It is also able to offer the right cushioning and helps relax the muscles. 

What type of mattress is best for the elderly with back pain?

Memory foam and latex mattresses are great for people suffering from back pain as they can adjust to the shape of the body and cradle the pressure point. 

What is the best mattress for a 70-year-old?

Take a look at the above article where we bring you a comprehensive list of all the best mattresses for senior citizens. 


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