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Sleeping in time, having a sleep schedule, maintaining sleep hygiene- all of this has been talked about since time immemorial. It is the most important talk of the town, between couples, parents and kids, doctors and patients BUT who follows it? Do you? No! Why? Because one doesn’t know where to start from.
Sleep Guide is here to emphasize on the same points and not just reiterate them but help you follow it. With easy steps, direct contacts with Doctors and Sleep Specialists, easy to do and follow techniques, product reviews, books, movies and whatnot that would help you sleep better! Because, we believe that if you are living a life- then it should be worth celebrating, where you hop in and dance and crack jokes together and not just sit on a couch and observe. We want you to sleep well and live a life- a healthy life!

Board of Experts

We bring to you the doyens/ the maestros in the field of sleep. These professionals are here to help you solve your problems with sleep. Read what they have to say and unravel with them about the mystical world of sleep and stay healthy!
Dr Dixit Thakur
Pulmonary and Sleep Specialist
Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Specialist, vast experience of 10+ years in diagnosing and treating various sleep disorders.
Dr Ayush Gupta
Pulmonologist & Sleep Expert
14+ years of experience as a consultant with a keen interest in interventional pulmonology, critical care & Sleep medicine. His research articles have been published in various medical journals, both domestic and international.

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