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7 Ways to Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch

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Update: May 12, 2023
3 min read

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Manya Mishra
Content Writer
7 Ways To Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch

After a delicious big meal in the afternoon, you feel the urge to take a relaxing nap. It’s almost like an inevitable reaction. In fact, you must have also seen older members of the house do the same! But sadly, it’s a luxury that most of us cannot afford, especially if you have started working from the office. Now, the reason why we feel sleepy after eating can be due to the digestion process and sleep cycle. So, how to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch? We bring you seven easy tricks. Read ahead!

Why Do People Feel Tired After Eating?

Sometimes, after you eat, there are possibilities that you feel sleepy after lunch, tired, or find it difficult to concentrate. It can be because of what you ate and the quantity of food you consumed.

The Type of Food You Eat 

If you have an important chore in the afternoon, you must have heard your parents or grandparents ask you to eat a little and avoid rice. Well, they have a point! Carbohydrates can make you sleepy by producing more serotonin, which regulates your sleep cycle and takes care of your mood.  

How Much Food You Eat

You will likely enter a food coma or postprandial somnolence when you overeat. It is because when you eat, your blood sugar increases and your energy levels may go down. This is sometimes you feel tired after eating.

How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch?

Want to know how to stop feeling sleepy after eating? The below tips will help you out. 

1. Do not sit back at your desk, take a walk 

After you have your lunch, avoid sitting back at your desk immediately. Instead, take a short walk, which will help you feel less tired. It is how to avoid getting tired after eating.

2. Chew gum 

A study suggests that chewing gum can keep you alert if you are too tired or sleepy. So, if you are wondering how to avoid feeling sleepy after eating rice? Try chewing gum.

3. Drink water, lots of it 

How to avoid getting drowsy after lunch? Drinking lots of water keeps you in a good mood and energised. So, make sure you always keep water bottles near you!

4. Eat healthy, say no to junk 

Eating healthy is one of the ways how to stop feeling drowsy after lunch. Make sure you don’t binge on junk food in the afternoons instead, eat healthy to keep yourself active and energised. 

5. Know portion control 

Eating little and having frequent meals can help keep your energy levels at optimal levels. 

6. Avoid sugar and fat 

Overeating sugar or fatty food can spike your blood sugar levels and make you feel fatigued. 

7. Keep track

Finally, keep track of what you eat so you can avoid food that makes you feel tired or sleepy. 

These were all effortless methods on how to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch at work.

When to See a doctor?

Suppose you feel sleepy or tired almost every day after lunch. In that case, it is essential to visit a doctor because a few medical conditions, such as food allergies, anaemia, and celiac disease, can also make you sleepy. And if you want to know, is falling asleep after eating a sign of diabetes? Yes, it could be a symptom of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Therefore, if it becomes an ongoing issue, talk to your physician. 


Occasional dip in energy is quite normal. The next time you feel sleepy after a big meal, you can try the tips mentioned above! 


Why do I feel so sleepy after lunch?

If you are consuming food rich in carbohydrates and protein, the levels of serotonin in your body go up, which can make you feel sleepy. 

Why do I crash after lunch?

After you have a meal, your blood sugar levels spike and the insulin goes into your bloodstream to remove the sugar and transfer it to the cells, but when the insulin is low or too much, it affects the fatigue levels. 

How do I stop an afternoon crash?

Some of the steps you can try to avoid afternoon crashes include;

  • Don’t miss breakfast 
  • Eat snacks in-between
  • Choose low-fat food 
  • Enjoy 7-9 hours of sleep every night 
  • Exercise regularly

Is it good to sleep after lunch?

Sleeping after lunch may not be good for you as it can lead to digestive issues, such as heartburn and acid reflex. 


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Written by

Manya Mishra
Content Writer
Bachelor's Degree in English Literature 7 years of experience as a content writer Has experience writing for various industries, including health and wellness, travel, and technology

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