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How to Sleep With a Newborn: 11 Tips That Help

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Update: June 30, 2023
5 min read

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Arun Das
Content Writer
How To Sleep With A Newborn

Getting proper sleep almost feels like a distant dream to new parents. Going through multiple feeds, diaper changes, and the fussiness of your little one can keep you up and drain you of energy. While navigating through a sleeping draught through the first few weeks, you may wonder if there is light at the end of all this. Well, fret not because this will not last forever and you can be back on track in a couple of months. So, how to sleep with a newborn? Keep reading to know more!

1. Maintain good sleep hygiene

In infants, night sleep develops first. In the first half of the night, they tend to sleep the longest. Here, creating a relaxing routine can be highly beneficial. This includes a warm bath, reading, and staying away from electronics at least an hour before bedtime.

2. Make the best sleeping environment possible (for you and the baby)

 How do parents sleep with a newborn? Create a cosy environment. Once you have your relaxing routine, look at your sleep environment. See whether or not your bedroom relaxes you and your little one. For instance, keep clutter away. Keep your room neat so it keeps you calm. Also, when it comes to your little one, keep their toys away, try swaddling, or even make use of white noise to help you sleep better. Building a sleep routine when sleeping with newborns will help them sleep for longer, and faster. 

3. Accept assistance (and don’t be reluctant to ask for it)

How to manage sleep with a newborn? Ask for help. You don’t need to do everything independently, and there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance. Therefore, make sure you ask your partner or a family member to assist you with watching, feeding and changing your child while you catch up on your sleep. 

4. Switch places with your partner

Help is right beside you, and we are talking about a spouse or a partner. Here, teamwork makes a difference. When you take turns, each one of you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. If you are a nursing mom, you can always use a bottle of pumped breast milk and ask your partner to feed the little one at the same time you usually do. And if you are a single mom, just speak to your friend or a family member for help. Try this on how to get more sleep with a newborn.

5. When you’re ready, sleep train

Sleep training helps your little one sleep for long periods on their own. It is usually advised to start sleep training from around four months. However, it can vary as per your comfort. So, sleep train when you feel you are ready. However, it is essential to speak to your paediatrician before you start.

6. Keep work at the workplace

If you are working along with taking care of your little one, you must leave work at work! So, once you are home, avoid work calls or emails because this can prevent you from sneaking in sleep whenever possible. And if you are working from home, set a time for yourself so that you can sleep when your baby does. 

7. Refresh yourself in other ways

You cannot squeeze in the usual 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Now, less sleep can make you cranky. Therefore, make sure you do activities that refresh your mind and make you feel good. This can include listening to music, reading a favourite book etc.

8. Include grounding and relaxing activities in your daily routine

An easy method to keep yourself grounded and relaxed as a new mom is to take time out for yourself every day. Do activities that you enjoy. It can be chatting with a friend or watching a movie, don’t neglect yourself. When you are relaxed, your stress hormones are away, which can help you sleep better.

9. Limit screen time before going to bed

Scrolling through your social media or grasping more information on taking care of your newborn may seem relaxing at first. But the blue light emitted by the screen can hamper your sleep cycle. Therefore, avoiding electronics at least an hour before bed is best. 

10. Create a soothing bedtime routine, such as a bath

Time is precious when you have a newborn, especially when it comes to getting sleep with a newborn. But a relaxing bedtime routine can do wonders for you. It helps you unwind and calm your mind. One of the things you can try is a warm bath. It soothes your muscles and lowers the core body temperature to facilitate quick sleep. This is an easy trick on how to get sleep with a newborn.

11. Try sleeping while your baby is sleeping

Finally, sneak in a nap when your little one has dosed off. Even if they sleep in breaks and you are coping with sleep deprivation newborn, then this is the best way to cover your lost sleep. 

When not to co-sleep with a newborn

Co-sleeping is when parents and the child sleep on the same bed. However, co-sleeping is associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). However, some parents want to co-sleep with their child as it makes the little one feel safe and secure and for other practical reasons. So, how to safely co-sleep with a newborn? Well, keep these tips in mind for how to co-sleep with a newborn. Don’t co-sleep if;

  • You are tired or sick 
  • You have taken any prescription medications 
  • You or your partner have consumed alcohol or drugs
  • You or your partner smokes 
  • Your baby is unwell, less than 3 months old or born prematurely

You can always place their crib in the same room when co-sleeping is not an option. 


These are a few tips on how you can sleep with your newborn. While it may seem difficult at first, you will soon be able to understand what works best for you!


Can you sleep while holding a newborn?

No, don’t sleep when holding your newborn as it can be dangerous. Always put them in the crib before you go to sleep.

How much sleep do parents of newborns get?

Usually, they get about 6 hours of sleep each night. But it differs from one individual to another. 

How long do sleepless nights last with newborns?

Your child can sleep for long periods by 3 months. However, you can try the above tips to sleep with a newborn.

Can my newborn sleep on me while I sleep?

No, it can be dangerous if you reach a state of deep sleep as your little one can fall or you may squish them. 

How to sleep when you have a newborn?

Try the above-mentioned tips to sleep when you have a newborn. And how much do newborns sleep? They can sleep up to 18 hours in a 24-hour period.


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Written by

Arun Das
Content Writer
With a Master's Degree in Mass Communication and nearly two decades of professional expertise in crafting healthcare articles, he possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.

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