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Sugandh Goel
Dr. Sugandh Goel
Dentist & Medical Writer
BDS, MS (Healthcare Management), Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
"Happiness consists of getting enough sleep.”


Meet Dr. Sugandh Goel, an experienced dentist with a passion for innovative healthcare solutions. With a strong academic record, over 15 years of industry experience, and a focus on exceptional patient care, Dr. Goel has become a trusted professional in her field. Additionally, she is a skilled medical writer, dedicated to creating a ripple effect of health awareness and spreading positivity and wellness around. Her no-jargon approach makes her content easy to understand, engaging, informative, and tailored to the Indian context while staying true to the facts. She understands the medical needs of patients, and to date, she makes people smile with confidence.

Articles Reviewed By Dr. Sugandh Goel
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