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How to Reset Circadian Rhythm

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Update: May 26, 2023
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Arun Das
Content Writer
How To Reset Circadian Rhythm

The stimulation of the body and sleeping habits vary from person to person. Some people are overly active to the point where they don’t even feel like going to sleep at night, some feel groggy or lethargic all day, and others are moderately active. This is due to the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal lock that controls your sleep-wake cycle. 

But if you’re constantly on the go or unable to relax at night, something is wrong with your circadian rhythm, and fixing it is necessary. “But, can you reset your circadian rhythm?”, “Why should I reset my circadian rhythm?” 

Yes, you can, and it is essential because being overly active hampers your sleep schedule and healthy sleep. Also, being sluggish or groggy decreases your alertness for daily tasks. Other than this, you may welcome diseases in your body. Even you may have other reasons to know how to reset your circadian rhythm, such as a night shift on the job.

Read the article carefully to learn how to fix sleep schedule and reset your circadian rhythm. 

What Is Circadian Rhythm

Your body’s internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, controls when you should be awake and asleep throughout a 24-hour cycle. The suprachiasmatic nucleus, a group of 20,000 neurons that makes up this internal clock, is comprised (SCN). This nucleus is found in the brain’s hypothalamus. Every time your body detects light, it sends a nerve pathway to the SCN, instructing your brain to assist you in staying awake.

Everyone has a unique circadian rhythm; some are born early risers, while others are born night owls. However, there are other elements, also known as zeitgebers, that have an impact on your circadian rhythm. The sun is the main factor controlling your circadian rhythm. However, other factors, such as work hours, exercise, and mealtimes, also have an impact. 

Can You Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Yes, you can reset your circadian rhythm. You must, however, be aware of your individual circadian rhythm for this. For example, sleeping late at night will be a punishment for someone born an early riser. Even if they work the night shift, they will still feel like it is torturing their body and mind. However, they can change their sleep routine by retraining their bodies and minds. 

Your circadian rhythm can gradually change depending on other factors. For your questions about how to fix circadian rhythm, how to reset circadian rhythm, and how to fix sleep schedule, zeitgebers is the only answer. You can alter your circadian rhythm by exercising, making regular, little modifications to your sleep routine, and using other techniques. How many days to reset circadian rhythm require? It won’t happen overnight. For example, if you wish to adjust your sleep schedule, start by changing your routine by 30 minutes.

Why Should I Reset My Circadian Rhythm

In the long run, the disrupted circadian rhythm is a call to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer. Inadequate eating, not exercising, and other factors contribute to these health disorders. Your sleep schedule and circadian rhythm impact your activities, including your working hours, eating routine, and others.

Short-term circadian rhythm disruption makes you sleepy, lethargic, or overly active all day. You won’t be able to function effectively, and your ability to make decisions will decline if you feel tired or drowsy. Due to being overtired, you could also feel stressed or anxious. In addition, you will have a tougher time falling asleep and waking up when you want to than you do today. 

How to Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Here are a few tactics to easily reset your circadian rhythm:

Shift Your Bedtime and Wake Time Gradually

Change your routine gradually—say, for 15 to 30 minutes—to the desired one if you want to alter your sleep schedule. This is because our bodies can more easily adjust to gradual changes than to sudden shifts.

Shift Your Meal and Exercise Times

Food and exercise have a significant impact on how the internal clock operates. Change the times you eat and exercise so your circadian rhythm is in harmony with your preferred circadian rhythm. For proper physical health, each internal lock needs to be in place.

Get Bright Light First Thing

Natural light (SUN) has a major impact on circadian rhythm. Your brain will receive a signal from the SCN to stop producing melatonin whenever your body is exposed to light. Your daily focus and stamina will both increase as a result.

Look into Bright Light Therapy

Artificial light exposure will also significantly enhance your circadian rhythm. Exposure to artificial light works well if you’re someone with a night shift or early morning job. However, bright light therapy must be used only after speaking with a sleep expert. You can reset your circadian rhythm with various light therapy devices, such as desk lamps, sunrise simulators, and lightboxes. 

Get Natural Light during the Day

By exercising, going on walks outside, and working close to a window, you can maximise your exposure to natural light. You will benefit from becoming less susceptible to bright lights when night falls.

Fully Embrace the Darkness of Night

Exposure to lights after sunset triggers your SCN, which signals your brain to produce melatonin, resetting your circadian rhythm. Using amber or blue light bulbs to get your work done will allow the melatonin to flow easily.

Make Time to Wind Down at the End of the Day

When you wind down both your body and mind, it is simpler to reset your circadian cycle. Do whatever you need to do to feel peaceful and at ease during this. Reading a book, taking a shower, or practising meditation are excellent ideas to relax your mind and body.

Try a Melatonin Supplement (As a Last Resort)

How to use melatonin to reset circadian rhythm? Getting good sleep at night is much harder if you’re a night owl or suffer from insomnia. In such cases, taking a melatonin supplement in the prescribed amount will help you sleep better. Please consult a sleep specialist before taking this supplement.

Follow All of the Sleep Hygiene Behaviors Listed Below

Sleep hygiene behaviour includes a few habits to follow. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Prepare a bedtime routine and stick to it
  • Sleeping on time for waking up early in the morning
  • Not consuming caffeine or alcohol before sleep
  • Avoid or limit screen time at night
  • Improve your sleeping environment


To reset your circadian rhythm, establish a consistent sleep schedule, expose yourself to natural light during the day, minimize artificial light in the evening, create a relaxing bedtime routine, avoid stimulating activities before bed, ensure a comfortable sleep environment, exercise regularly, and avoid heavy meals close to bedtime.

Resetting your circadian rhythm is essential based on your current needs or body requirements. How long does it take to reset your circadian rhythm? This question has no perfect answer. It varies according to your body, current circadian rhythm, and habitual changes required. Therefore, start fixing your circadian rhythm slowly and more easily.


How many days does it take to reset your circadian rhythm?

The circadian clock will reset every 24 hours for most healthy adults. But throughout the day, different people experience different levels of alertness and fatigue.

How do I reset my circadian rhythm in one day?

It takes a few days to reset the circadian rhythm. Every day at the same time, get up: maintain a consistent sleep routine to will assist your circadian rhythm in returning to normal. Your body will learn to adapt to the new rhythm if you go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

How do I reset my sleep cycle fast?

Adjust your bedtime and get up at the same time every day, do not nap, even if you feel tired, avoid exposure to light before sleep, avoid exercising too close to bedtime, and be mindful of what you eat close to bedtime.

Can staying up all night reset your circadian rhythm?

There may be better options than staying up late if you want to alter your circadian rhythms. An all-nighter is probably only going to make you sleepy. Instead, try to improve your sleep hygiene by keeping your bedroom dark.


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Written by

Arun Das
Content Writer
With a Master's Degree in Mass Communication and nearly two decades of professional expertise in crafting healthcare articles, he possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.

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