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How to sleep during periods: 12 Tips to ease the Cramps

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Update: June 13, 2023
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Manya Mishra
Content Writer
How To Sleep During Periods

Cramps, pains, heavy bleeding, and bloody sheets, periods can sometimes be a nightmare! And navigating through all this for a good night’s rest can be a taxing chore. But wait, apart from your hot water bag and painkillers, some things can help you achieve a peaceful slumber. So, what are they? How to sleep during periods effortlessly? Just read ahead to know all about them!

Effects of Periods on Sleep

It is believed that women tend to have more problems with sleep when compared to men. But this goes up during the period. The primary connection between sleep and period is hormonal fluctuations. It can be one of the leading reasons for insomnia during pregnancy, perimenopause, and even at specific points of the menstrual cycle. So, when you are on your period, there are chances that your sleep quality is affected because the circadian rhythm is influenced by oestrogen and progesterone. Sleep is also affected because the levels of melatonin drop, and cortisol levels tend to go up. Also, cramps and body aches can affect the quality of sleep.

How to sleep during periods: 12 Tips to ease the Cramps

With these seven easy tips, let’s understand how to get rid of period cramps fast in bed. 

1. Find a Convenient Sleeping Position

When your stomach cramps or backaches are bothering you, it can be difficult to go to sleep as usual. So here, you can experiment with new sleep positions to see which offers you the most comfort. You can even try placing a pillow to support your back or legs for additional comfort. This is how to relieve period cramps in bed.

2. Snuggling in the Foetal Position for a Nap

Try a foetal position if you prefer sleeping on your back or side. This can offer you comfort because you curl up on your side with your knees pushed towards your chest. And that can take some pressure off your abdominal muscles. Again, this can be the best sleeping position for period cramps.

3. Taking a Nap While in the Child Pose

One of the best ways to sleep on your period for a short while is to opt for the child pose. It is a yoga position where you rest on your knees and put your head down where your forehead touches the floor. This sleeping position during periods helps stretch your back muscles and can also be beneficial if you suffer from headaches.  

4. Keep Your Bedroom at a Comfortable Temperature

A cool temperature can keep you comfortable and prepare you for sleep. And since hormonal fluctuation wreaks havoc on the system, a cool temperature helps you relax. The best sleep temperature is between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

5. Prefer Sleeping Alone

How to sleep with period cramps? Well, one of the things you can try is to sleep alone. Sometimes when you sleep with a partner or a pet, there are chances that they may end up disturbing you. However, sleeping alone can help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep, which will help you wake up to a productive morning. 

6. Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

During your period, you are already at risk of poor-quality sleep due to hormone fluctuation. However, when you don’t maintain a regular sleep schedule and wake up too late or early, it can further hamper your sleep. So, make sure you keep consistency when it comes to sleep timings.

7. Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

For quality sleep, good sleep hygiene is essential. It helps you enjoy a deep and peaceful slumber. Sleep hygiene refers to healthy sleep habits, such as food and drinks consumed in the evening, evening routine, and more. You can have a different sleep hygiene routine for your menstrual cycle, which can help you relax and prevent pain. It can include a hot water bath, listening to soothing music, and more. 

8. Exercise Regularly

While you may feel lethargic or in pain during your period, it is important to exercise regularly as it can help ease cramps.

9. Reduce Any Stress

When you experience too much stress, it can worsen your cramps. You can try relaxation techniques before bed, such as journaling, listening to good music or even simple breathing exercises. 

10. Use Heat 

If the pain becomes unbearable, try using heat before popping in the painkillers. For example, you can use a hot water bag or take a hot shower to help provide relief. 

11. Try Herbal Teas

Few herbal teas, such as chamomile, have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce muscle spasms in the stomach. It can also relax your mind if you have a cup before bed.

12. Try Massage Therapy 

According to a study, massage therapy was beneficial for easing period pain. They reduce uterine spasms. So, focus on the abdominal area. Gently massage it. You may opt for a full body massage to relieve any stress you may be going through. 

These were a few tips on how to get rid of period cramps fast in bed. If you have tried all the home remedies but still experience unbearable pain, speak with your doctor. 

5 Tips to Avoid Leakage while Sleeping

1. Use a Tampon

While tampons are still not popular in India, using one could help avoid leakage. Tampons are menstrual products designed to absorb blood by placing it inside the vaginal canal. But when it comes to tampons, make sure you use them for less than eight hours at a time, as it can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

2. Use Overnight Pads

Another great tip to avoid stains is to make use of overnight pads. Today, you will find many brands offering extra thick and long pads that can absorb blood without any leakages. If you think that won’t suffice, you can use two pads to avoid leakage. 

3. Wear Extra Underwear

Another easy way to sleep during periods to avoid stains is to layer your underwear. Or you can also opt for period panties, which come with a thick layer of padding to prevent any leakages. And these panties can be washed easily like your regular underwear. 

4. Preparation and Planning

Planning your sleep is always best to avoid stains. You can keep track of your period and the flow and opt for extra pads when you know you may experience a heavy flow. You can also use old sheets or mattress protectors to ensure the leakage doesn’t seep into the mattress. 

5. Get Out of Bed Slowly in the Morning

Due to gravity, all the blood accumulates near the vagina. So, in the morning, make sure you get up slowly to avoid any leaks. In fact, if you tend to wake up for bathroom breaks, have an extra pad handy, so you can quickly change it to avoid any leaks.


Sleeping with periods can be easy as long as you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. For instance, some may find overnight pads comfortable, while some may prefer tampons. Finally, if you experience a lot of pain, try switching your sleep position. But if nothing works and the flow is too heavy, you must speak with your doctor.


Why can’t I sleep during periods?

The hormonal changes your body goes through before and during your menstrual cycle may be the culprit, as they adversely affect body temperature and melatonin production. 

Is period flow heavier at night?

Period flow isn’t heavier at night. You may feel that way as the blood pools in one position as per the way you sleep. 

Why is my period painful?

The pain women experience during their menstrual cycle is caused by a chemical known as prostaglandins. These chemicals are made in the lining of the uterus and cause pain as they lead to the contraction of muscle and blood vessels. Usually, trying home remedies should ease your pain. If not, visit a gynaecologist, who can help you with pain relief. 


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Written by

Manya Mishra
Content Writer
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