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12 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Instantly

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Update: June 19, 2023
4 min read

Written by

Rahul Upadhyay
Content Writer
How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Instantly

Under-eye puffiness is quite common among people. It is often a result of crying or other health issues. Many of us regularly wake up with puffy eyes and seek the help of sunglasses to hide them. Puffy eyes can play a role in determining your appearance by displaying a tired and pale look. If you are someone undergoing puffy eyes issue and curious about how to get rid of puffy eyes instantly? You’ve reached the right place.

We are covering 12 ways to remove bags under the eyes

1. Grab Two Cold Spoons

The first way to get rid of puffy eyes instantly is to put two cold spoons underneath your eyes. Grab two clean spoons from the kitchen, place them in the freezer for around 10 minutes, and gently press them under your eyes for a few minutes during your puffy days. Enjoy the process by lying down, and keep the spoons on till they get warm. The coldness of the spoon constricts the vessels and reduces inflammation. 

2. Keep Cucumber Slices

Another item that most Indian households have is cucumber. We eat it in salads, during our mid-morning work breaks, and at lunch. Cucumber is not only beneficial for our health but also our eyes. Wash a cucumber, cut it into two ¼ slices, put them on your eyes, and munch on the rest. Let the cucumber slices do their wonder by reducing eye swelling as you enjoy the blend of hydration with ample vitamin K. Remove the slices once they are done cooling.   

3. Make Use of Frozen Peas

You have seen people using frozen peas for their joint pain, sprains, and mild strains. And this time, the multi-talented frozen peas will rescue your eyes from puffiness. As already stated in the above link, coldness benefits puffy eyes, and so are the bags of frozen peas. Put the bag in a hand towel, place your head in an elevated position for complete drainage, and keep it on for about 15 minutes. 

4. Tea Bags To the Rescue

You might have often heard of using tea bags for eye puffiness, but why? Tea bags, both black and green are rich in flavonoids, tannin, and caffeine, all of which alleviate eye swelling and inflammation. So now you know why Indians are so fond of teas – it is not only a great beverage but also soothing to the eyes. 

5. Hydration is the Answer

Hydration is the key to a healthy body – something you have heard often and stands correct for your undereye puffiness as well. When your body is not receiving the required amount of water or dehydration, it tends to contribute to undereye puffiness making the skin look saggy and sunken. So drink water not only to avert puffy eyes but also for better overall prosperous health. 

6. Try Gentle Rollers to Improve Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is your body’s natural drainage system. And, it doesn’t help absorb the excess drainage in your under-eye, thus leading to puffy eyes. You might have noticed different jade roller advertisements while scrolling through Instagram, and this is your time to buy it. Gentle rollers like jade or ice rollers help provide drainage to your under eyes. A face roller is a great way to give relaxation to the face. So, add face rolling to your morning skincare routine.

7. Try a Gentle Double Tap or Facial Massage Technique

A gentle massage or double tapping around the eyes might be a worthwhile approach to your eye puffiness. It might surge the blood flow and bid goodbye to your eye puffiness. Remember to engage the soft pads of your fingertips in massaging since the eyes are delicate parts of the body. You can also consider taking some eye cream for massaging the area. 

8. Invest in a Great Eye Cream

Eye creams might cost a bit, but you only need a pea-sized amount to do the work. Massaging an eye cream that contains ingredients like caffeine, green tea, niacinamide, pesticides, and additional antioxidants that help in reducing puffy eyes. Ensure that you don’t go too close to the eyes as it might cause irritation.

9. Use Eye Drops

Doctors often prescribe eye drops to treat dry eyes or to reduce redness caused by crying or allergies. If your eye puffiness results from allergies, antihistamine eye drops might help treat it. It is always necessary to consult your doctor before opting for any eye drops by yourself. 

10. Use Depuffing Eye Gels with Caffeine

Eye gels filled with caffeine can be a good source of depuffing your eyes. You can put on the caffeine eye gel while you relish your morning cup of coffee. 

11. Get More Sleep

Adults need to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and sleep deprivation often leads to eye puffiness. Therefore, instead of watching Netflix episodes or aimlessly scrolling through social media, spend those hours sleeping properly. 

12. Apply Colour-Correcting Concealer

All make-up enthusiasts might find it fascinating to put colour-correcting concealers on puffy areas. You might have noticed how crying can make your under-eyes dark and puffy, and your nose red. In this case, a colour-correcting concealer is what you need. You can opt for a green concealer to neutralize redness since both have contrasting shades. 

When to See a Doctor?

You can consider visiting the doctor when the home remedies are not working, and you feel it’s serious. Generally, people who cannot treat puffy eyes with the aforementioned remedies are treated with radiofrequency micro needling. This process involves inserting tiny needles after numbing the skin to heat the dermal skin, reduce fat and oedema, and tighten it. 


Puffy eyes might be a big turn-off to your appearance since it makes you look fatigued, but they can be treated. From putting cucumber to frozen peas to eye gels, all these ways are popularly embraced by people worldwide. It is your time to try it out and see your eyes being healthy. 


What causes puffy eyelids?

Puffy eyelids are often caused by Pinkeye conjunctivitis, an eyelid infection, or a clogged gland on the eyelid.   

How do you drain fluid from under your eyes?

To drain fluid from under your eyes, try massaging it,  putting a cold spoon, cucumber, or tea bag.

What foods cause puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes are often caused by salty foods like fast foods, tomatoes, eggplant, canned foods, etc.  

How to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning instantly?

Few things you can do to instantly get rid of puffy eyes in the morning:

  • Use a cold compress
  • Use tea bags
  • Apple eye cream
  • Light massage
  • Remain hydrated
  • Get enough sleep


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Written by

Rahul Upadhyay
Content Writer
10 years of experience as a content writer Previously worked as a copywriter for a health journal Ability to write in a variety of formats, including articles, white papers, and clinical trial summaries

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