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How To Get Rid Of Sleep Wrinkles

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Update: June 19, 2023
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Manya Mishra
Content Writer
Sleep Wrinkles

Today, there are many ways to slow down aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. But when you sleep in the wrong position, all your efforts go in vain. One of the signs of not sleeping right is waking up with a ‘pillow face’ or creases on your face. And very soon, these folds make their way to actual wrinkles. Don’t worry. We bring you all the tips that can help you prevent sleep wrinkles. Just read ahead to know how to prevent sleep wrinkles

Swap Out Your Pillowcase

Most of us don’t give our pillowcases that much attention. But this is where we go wrong. The most common material used for pillowcases is flannel, cotton or jersey. While they are perfect for keeping you cosy through the night, they tend to hold on to your skin. The more a pillowcase holds the skin, the more likely it is to end up with permanent sleep wrinkles

If you are wondering how to get rid of sleep wrinkles? The first step is to swap out your pillowcases for satin or silk as they help avoid imprints on the face as you sleep.

Sleep On Your Back

When your face rests on the pillow, it pushes your skin and sleep wrinkles become a reality. So, does sleeping on your side affect your face? Yes. Therefore, one of the methods to avoid permanent sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back. Now, changing your sleeping position overnight can be a tad bit difficult. But think of the benefits it brings you. 

In fact, the super popular American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez sleeps on her back to avoid the onslaught of wrinkles. And from how she looks, sleeping on your back is worth it! 

Avoid Sleeping on Your Hands

Do you sleep with your hand pressed to your face as you enjoy a deep slumber? Well, just like how flannel pillowcases can put pressure on the skin, causing wrinkles, your hands can do the same. So, when you sleep, make sure you keep your hands away. And if you must sleep with your hands tucked, keep them under the pillow. It is one of the ways to avoid sleep wrinkles on the face. 

Use an Elevated Pillow

An elevated pillow can be a great solution to combat sleep wrinkles. However, if you think elevated pillows won’t keep you comfy, opt for adjustable ones. They come with inserts you can add and remove as and when you like. 

Wear a Sleep Mask

You can always try a sleep mask if you don’t want a silk or satin pillowcase. Night sleep masks help keep your skin in place without putting too much pressure on it. Overnight sleep masks also yield a variety of other benefits, such as radiance, optimal hydration, and rejuvenated skin in the morning. The night mask promotes the process of cell regeneration, which helps slow down the aging process.

Try a Firm Pillow

If you are a side sleeper, you must keep the lower half of your face away from the pillow to prevent skin imprints after sleeping. So strategically place the top half of the head on the pillow. Now, this is why you need a firmer pillow, as it will prevent your head from sinking in and ensure you enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Stimulate Collagen Production to Minimize Creases

Did you know? Collagen is a protein produced in our bodies. It makes the framework of your tissues and cells. But unfortunately, as you grow older, the production of collagen deteriorates. So, can sleep wrinkles be reversed? Yes, they can, with the help of collagen. You can stimulate collagen with the help of micro-needling, lasers, and various other products. You can talk to a dermatologist for more information.

Try Moisturizing Cream

When combating sleep wrinkles, moisturizing creams can be great for you. However, you must look for anti-ageing ingredients that can give you back your youthful glow. They are; 

Retinoids: Today, retinol creams and serums are in rage. It is because they have been known to help reduce any sun damage and also curb the appearance of ageing. Retinoids are nothing but vitamin A compounds. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a rich antioxidant that shields the skin from free radicals and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hydroxy Acids: Alpha Hydroxy acid is a great way to exfoliate your skin and ensure it starts absorbing the products better. It promotes even and pigmentation-free skin tone. 

Coenzyme Q10: If you have started seeing lines around your eyes, try an eye cream with coenzyme Q10 to reduce the fine lines surrounding your eyes and protect the skin from sun damage. 

Peptides: Like collagen, peptides also occur naturally in the body but can deplete as we grow older. It is an essential ingredient that stimulates the production of collagen. 

Niacinamide: Again, niacinamide is a rich antioxidant that comes from vitamin B-3 and helps prevent water loss in the skin. So, niacinamide keeps the skin plump and hydrated. 

What Causes Sleep Wrinkles?

First, let’s understand what are sleep wrinkles? Sleep wrinkles occur due to the pressure exerted on the skin as you press it on a surface. Sleep wrinkles occur due to the external forces of sleeping on your side or your stomach. It leads to skin compression, and sleep lines become permanently etched on the face when this continues regularly. 

Expression Wrinkles vs Sleep Wrinkles

There are two main types of facial wrinkles: sleep and expression wrinkles. Expression wrinkles are a result of muscle contractions that occur with your expressions. It can lead to crow’s feet, frown lines, and smile lines. Sleep wrinkles, however, occur due to the distortion of the face as you sleep. 


Sleep wrinkles can be prevented by following a few simple tips mentioned in the article. To start with, always sleep on your back and ensure your face doesn’t touch the pillowcase. 


Can sleep wrinkles go away? 

Sleep wrinkles usually disappear on younger skin. However, it can become permanent if you don’t do anything about them. Therefore, if you tackle sleep wrinkles early on, they can be prevented. For this, make sure you start sleeping on your back. 

At what age do you get sleep wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles tend to occur in your 30s and 40s. You will first notice them in your cheekbone and the outer eyelid. 

Can you get wrinkles while sleeping? 

Yes, wrinkles can develop as you are sleeping. 

Does dehydration cause sleep lines?

Dehydration is not good for the skin and makes your skin look dull. And if it is not rectified, your skin will show premature signs of ageing, such as surface wrinkles, fine lines and more.

How to get rid of sleep lines on your face quickly?

Reduce the appearance of sleep wrinkles on your face quickly:

  • Massage your face
  • staying hydrated, drink a lot of water
  • Use a facial roller that will help to rejuvenate your face as well
  • Use silk or satin pillows while sleeping
  • Always try to sleep on your back
  • Perform facial exercises after waking up


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Written by

Manya Mishra
Content Writer
Bachelor's Degree in English Literature 7 years of experience as a content writer Has experience writing for various industries, including health and wellness, travel, and technology

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