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30 Healthy late-night Snacks

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Update: November 15, 2022
7 min read

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Sarah Shoen
Writer Editor

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Sleep Physician
illustration Healthy Midnight Snacks

After indulging in a relaxing night time drill, lighting some scented candles, and happily placing yourself under your soft blanket, you suddenly hear a growling sound from your tummy. It is your stomach calling for those midnight snacks. Unfortunately, we end up grabbing those unhealthiest snacks, leading to weight gain and poor sleep. But, you can alter this habit by consuming healthy late-night snacks. Numerous good snacks like popcorn, hummus, and Greek yoghurt can be consumed before bedtime. Let us check some of the healthy late-night snacks that can be relished without any guilt.

What Causes midnight cravings? 

But before that, it can be helpful to know the reasons behind craving late-night food.

Circadian Rhythm

Studies show that humans tend to be the hungriest during their bedtime. Though previously more consumption at night might have been beneficial to survival, it currently leads to weight gain because those late-night snacks are chunks of sugary, high-fat foods. 


Another reason behind midnight cravings is dehydration. You might be thirsty instead of hungry. Therefore, grab a glass of water before grabbing the snack. 

Late Nights

You may feel hungry when you stay up late at night after an early dinner. Unfortunately, those hunger pangs lead to grabbing some unhealthy snacks. 

30 Best Healthy Late Night Snacks 

Here comes the ‘most wanted’ section listing the top 30 healthy late-night snacks. You will find both sweet and savoury healthy midnight snacks on the list, satiating your hunger. 

Sweet Late-Night Snacks

Here goes the ultimate list of sweet and good late-night snacks. 

1. Dark Chocolate 

When your hand is nearing the chocolate shelf, instantly grab the dark chocolate bar instead of the regular sugary ones. Dark chocolates have antioxidants, placing them among healthy late-night snacks.

2. Apple Chips 

Craving for something sweet and crunchy? Apple chips are one of the best late-night snacks as they are baked. These healthy late-night snacks are rich in fibre and not sugary. If you don’t have apple chips handy, have some nourishing and crunchy fruits or nuts like almonds and nuts instead. 

3. Pineapple

Apart from being a yummy tropical fruit, pineapple offers immense melatonin to the body that further aids in sleep. A study has shown that snacking on pineapples has increased participants’ melatonin levels. If this is not a healthy late-night snack, then what is?

4. Blueberries & Low-fat or Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a rich source of probiotics and comprises tryptophan that balances the body’s sleep-wake cycle – making it one of the healthy late-night snacks. Probiotics are good bacteria beneficial for gut health since it fights off harmful bacteria. 

5. Banana with Almond Butter

A small banana dipped in a tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter is among the delectable healthy late-night snacks. Studies have shown that consuming two bananas have shown a 4-fold increase in melatonin production in the blood levels within two hours of consuming it. Almond butter also adds to the melatonin count apart from supplying Vitamin E, magnesium, and healthy fats. 

6. Kiwi

One of the late-night snack ideas is consuming this fuzzy-skinned, deliciously sweet fruit – Kiwi. 

Consuming kiwi will lead to the contribution of serotonin and melatonin, thus leading to proper sleep. 

7. Grapes

Grapes contain melatonin and are among healthy night snacks. If you are craving something sweet, indulge in some grapes; frozen ones taste even better during summers.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons are very healthy late-night snacks with a relishing taste. Dehydration is one of the reasons behind midnight cravings, and watermelon acts as a perfect bedtime snack during these dehydrated times. 

9. Milk & Cereal

One of the healthy bedtime snacks is having a bowl of low-sugar cereal with low-fat milk – both filling and tasty. The combination of high-glycemic carbs in cereals and melatonin-rich calcium leads to proper sleep. 

10. Apples

What to eat at night that is lightweight and also tasty at the same time? Apples do keep doctors away as it contains antioxidants that alleviate sleep. Apples are quite filling, and they won’t add to the calorie as well. 

11. Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are quite common in grocery stores and are one of the best midnight snacks. Studies state that tart cherries and tart cherry juice battle insomnia and also increase sleep timing by 84 minutes. 

12. Whole Grain Toast and Peanut Butter

Bread contains fibre and peanut butter contains unsaturated fats that balances blood sugar level during sleep – making it one of the excellent midnight snack ideas.

13. Smoothies

Smoothies are the perfect ways to consume nutrient-rich superfoods like veggies, and fruits, with yoghurt or plain water. When it comes to making an easy late-night snack, consider blending all your favourites into one, and slurp!

14. Fruit Bars

For someone who craves ice cream, blend some fresh fruits and freeze them into a popsicle, and consume it instead of ice cream. No hefty cream, or extra calories, and one of the healthy late-night snacks.

15. Chamomile Tea

Tea can be listed under the healthy late-night snacks, it is filling, refreshing, and also satisfies late-night cravings. Chamomile tea has the benefits of providing a relaxing sleep and also treating insomnia. 

16. Cottage Cheese and Fruit

The lean protein of cottage cheese is filled with ample quantities of tryptophan, helping the person fall asleep better. And the addition of fruits satiates hunger with sweetness.

Savoury Late-Night Snacks 

Some lip-smacking savouries will act as perfect healthy late-night snacks. Let us get going with the same.

17. Popcorn

The perfect companion you would need for a late-night movie is one of the healthy late-night snacks, and one of them is popcorn. Though packaged popcorn might contain excess sodium, preparing popcorn from scratch will be one of the healthy snacks before bed.

18. Toasted Nuts

One effortless late-night snack is toasted nuts that act as the perfect crunchy evening snack. Just throw any of your favourite nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, or others, and slightly toast it – enjoy the crunchiness.


Just grab some pistachios if you have a sudden craving for midnight snacks. Pistachios are superfoods containing melatonin, a high level of protein and antioxidants as well. 

20. Hummus

Hummus, this chickpea-based item is a wonderful food filled with protein and healthy fats. This acts as one of the healthy late-night snacks and also keeps the sleeper full for prolonged hours. Hummus and pita bread is the go-to combination for many.

21. Fish

Salmons and tunas are some Vitamin-D and Omega-3 rich fatty fish, favourite to many. These fishes are quite fruitful in the production of serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for enhancing sleep ability and also balancing regular brain functions. 

22. Avocado Toast

Quite a popular dish among millennials, and pretty easy to make. Avocado toast falls under the healthy late-night snacks option not only because of its taste but also because it is a good source of magnesium that curbs sleep anxiety.

23. Bell Peppers

Quite delicious in itself, bell peppers have diverse recipes. They can be enjoyed in ranch or hummus, or maybe stuffing with grains or cheese if someone is looking for a vitamin-rich late-night bedtime snack. 

24. Tofu

A popular food among vegetarians, and vegans, tofu is a soy-based protein. This product is one of the healthy late-night snacks because studies have shown a correlation between soy and relief of sleep disorders. 

25.Homemade Veggie Chips

We are not talking about the packaged veggie chips which are equally unhealthy as potato chips. We are talking about preparing homemade veggie chips. Simply oven bake or air fry sliced zucchini, sweet potatoes, or beets for the crunchy feel, and you will have your own homemade healthy snack avoiding all the extra calories.

26. Rice Puffs

Rice puffs can be some worthwhile options for light, airy, and crunchy healthy late-night snacks. You can add flavour to it by adding peanuts, coconut shreds or roasted and salted fox nuts. 

27. Eggs

Eggs have endless preparation methods and are savoured by countless people worldwide. This particular item is rich in nutrients. Boil it, scramble it, fry it, make an omelette, or however you like, and consume it right before bed. In addition, it contains tryptophan which helps provide melatonin.

28. Egg Salad

An instant hit among the healthy late-night snacks, make a small portion of egg salad with lettuce and a dressing of your choice. Eggs are an excellent source of tryptophan, melatonin and Vitamin D. To enhance its taste you can add up a little mayo and you’re all set to experience some great sleep.

29.Cheese and Crackers

The carbs present in the crackers take time to digest, and the fat and protein inside the cheese keep us full for a long time.

3o. Kale Chips

If you are looking for salty and crunchy healthy late-night snacks, kale chips can be a good option. Kale is a source of calcium which is further a crucial element in producing melatonin.

Late-Night Snacking Pros and Cons

It is a great option to control your midnight hunger by consuming some good bedtime snacks, but it also has some downsides, let us check them out.


  • Healthy late-night snacks help treat the stomach growling and let the person sleep
  • late-night snacking might increase metabolism 
  • Healthy late-night snacks might help build muscle while you sleep


  • You may not actually be hungry and just dehydrated 
  • late-night snacking might lead to weight gain
  • Most people opt for high-calorie snacks at night

Unhealthy Late-Night Snacks

After the big list of 30 healthy late-night snacks that you can have, it’s time to focus on midnight snacks to completely avoid. 

  1. Pizza

Pizza contains acidic sauces and high-fat cheese which might make the sleeper wake up with a stomach ache. In addition, since fat is digested slowly, high-fat foods might lead to reflux.

  1. Sugary Cereals

Consuming sugary cereals right before bedtime can increase your blood sugar levels and insulin, making you even hungrier. 

  1. Chips

Chips have minimal nutrients, hardly any fibre or protein but oil. So swap it up with popcorn instead. 

  1. Candies

People not consuming a balanced diet might crave something sweet at bedtime as it is the quickest form of energy. So instead of opting for candies, swap them with dark chocolate.

Tips for Night-Time Snacking 

There are ways to curb your late-night snacking habit, and the following tips will help you do so.

Develop a Routine

It is not detrimental to consume healthy late-night snacks. But avoiding eating two to three hours before bedtime might benefit your health. Fix an eating schedule that will prevent you from suddenly craving snacks at midnight.

Eat Light

It often happens that even after properly eating, our stomach growls in the middle of the night. During those times, consume fibre and protein-rich foods that will keep the stomach satiated for a long time. Conversely, acidic and calorie-dense foods will make you prone to heartburn and stomach upset. 

Opt for Low-Sugar and Low-Sodium Snacks

Doctors state that low-sugar and low-sodium foods are detrimental to one’s health. It is also stated that consuming sugar-rich foods will increase blood sugar levels. Instead, opt for the aforementioned healthy late-night snack ideas to stay healthy and sleep well. 

Sleep is crucial in staying healthy, and messing with the sleeping schedule will result in specific health issues. Midnight cravings are for real, and restraining that by consuming any of the dishes mentioned in the 30 healthy late-night snacks will promote wellness. These late-night snacks are quite easy to make and are pretty delicious. You can also opt for them while enjoying a movie on a weekend night.


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Written by

Writer Editor
Sarah has covered news topics for digital and print publications. She has a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Nevada.

Medical reviewed by

Sleep Physician
Dr. Abhinav Singh has covered news topics for digital and print publications. She has a degree in broadcast

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