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Which Direction is Best to Sleep in

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Update: May 17, 2023
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Rahul Upadhyay
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Best Direction To Sleep

Have you ever experienced restlessness as you hit the sack? And yet, you kept rolling on your bed throughout the night? Can your sleeping direction be the reason behind it? Yes, the sleeping direction plays a significant role in getting a sound sleep.

Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences conducted extensive research to observe the effects of head direction while sleeping on heart rate, blood pressure, and serum cortisol. Forty students 18-25 years of age participated. They were asked to sleep for 8 hours in different directions for 12 weeks. Research showed that the South direction was the best direction to sleep. Dozing in the south helped lower the Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Serum Cortisol.

Knowing the best direction to sleep in for better health is vital. This article will explain why sleeping in the south direction is crucial. Moreover, keep reading to learn about Vastu and feng shui tips for facilitating positive energies in your home.

Which Direction To Sleep in Scientifically

You might remember your grandmother asking you to avoid sleeping in the north direction. Unfortunately, you never understood her logic as she failed to provide a scientific reason. Therefore, you might be wondering which direction to sleep in scientifically. The scientific reason lies in the earth’s magnetic field, known as geomagnetic interference. 

Have you ever wondered how birds or other migrating animals found their direction while travelling? Study shows that they have an inbuilt magnetic compass that aids them in navigating using the earth’s magnetic field. It shows that animals are more aligned with nature than humans. So let’s understand why sleeping south is the best for your peaceful slumber.

Why Is South The Best Sleeping Direction

In which direction should you sleep? The earth’s electromagnetic field extends north to south. The north direction is the positive pole, and the south is the negative pole. Now consider your head as the north pole and your feet as the south pole. If you sleep in the north direction, two similar poles repel each other leading to headaches and increased blood pressure.

Furthermore, as opposite poles attract each other, sleeping with your head pointing towards the south will align your body’s magnetic energy with the earth. Thus, you will experience low blood pressure and good quality sleep.

What Happens If We Sleep Towards The North

If your head’s direction while sleeping is in the north, the magnetic current will pass through your body, making you feel weak, tired, and restless. With insufficient sleep, your mornings will be sluggish. Dragging yourself with a lack of interest in performing routine work may hamper your quality of life. Poor sleep causes insomnia and anxiety. Thus, knowing the effects of different directions on your sleep is vital. 

What Vastu Says About Sleeping Direction

The sleeping direction, as per Vastu, is essential for your overall health and better rest. Lack of proper snoozing may cause sleep disorders, making you weary and restless. Let’s see what effects are experienced by a person sleeping in various directions.

1. Sleeping In The North

Sleeping facing north draws energy out of the body and causes problems in blood circulation. The body cannot produce enough red blood cells essential to carry oxygen (haemoglobin). Lack of enough iron in the body affects blood circulation and leads to tiredness and breathing issues. 

Moreover, blood clots are formed in the brain, disrupting blood circulation. You will find that your stress level has increased, leading to insomnia. In Hindu tradition, only dead people are made to lie heading in the north direction. The human soul exits from the north route of the body, and thus it is recommended to avoid sleeping in this direction.

2. Sleeping In The East

East is the direction of the rising sun, providing energy and rejuvenation to all living creatures on earth. The sun’s energy enters the body through the head and leaves through the feet. Spiritual and meditation practitioners love the east direction as they get radiant vibes and positive energy from the divine sun. As per Feng shui, placing a kid’s room or bed in the east is suitable for educational progress and enhancing concentration levels.

Sleeping in the east direction helps reduce REM sleep and enhances sleep quality. As per Ayurveda, the east direction is recommended to balance the three doshas while you sleep.

3. Sleeping In The West

Even though it is believed that only the north direction should be avoided for sleeping, Vastu shastra is against this advice. Vastu shastra recommends avoiding sleeping in the west direction as it enhances nightmares, restlessness, and sleep disruption. Thus, sleeping in the south or east direction is recommended for better sleep and health.

4. Sleeping In The South

As the theory is that opposite poles attract each other, sleeping with the head towards the negative pole in the South direction enhances quality sleep. The south direction promotes deep sleep, thus providing you with quality rest time. Proper and sound sleep reduces blood pressure, thus promoting good health. People with prominent Vata dosha mostly suffer from cold hands and anxiety issues. If they sleep in the south direction, Vata doshas will be reduced, providing a night of sound sleep.

Best Direction For Sleeping For Couples

Do you know that the wrong sleeping direction can negatively affect your relationship? The directions in Vastu are attributed to different elements that affect the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, Vastu plays a vital role in a happy married life. If you want to know the best direction for sleeping for couples, try placing your bed in the south or southwest direction. Your love will start blooming. However, avoid sleeping under any overhead beam and don’t face the door direction. The wife should rest on the left side of her husband for a better relationship. 

Remove any objects that may hinder your married life to keep the positive energy flowing into your room freely. For example, electronic items, exercise equipment, and work tables are prohibited in the bedroom as per feng shui. Instead, you can keep elephant figurines or a pair of mandarin ducks to attract love in your married life.

Sleeping Direction And Placement Of Bed As Per Feng Shui

As per feng shui, the bed shouldn’t be under any overhead beam. Napping under a beam can obstruct the positive energy flow. You can place your mattress directly against the wall, but ensure it is not parallel to the bedroom door line. Furthermore, avoid sleeping with your feet pointing towards the door. Feng shui believes this position keeps you in the command position and is the ideal sleeping direction.

Bedroom Design

The most crucial factor in bedroom design, as per feng shui, is to keep your room clutter-free. A cluttered space can halt your room’s positive energies from flowing freely. Plants, curtains, and artwork capture the negative energies known as Sha Chi. These negative energies get transformed into positive points, known as ‘Chi’. Plants have the power to soothe your surroundings.

You can use colour schemes per feng shui to attract more positive vibes into your room. The colours representing the dosha types in Ayurveda help to boost positive energies.

  • For Vata dosha, use green and yellow colour combinations
  • For pitta dosha, use blue and green colour combinations
  • For Kapha dosha, use red and violet colour combinations

In addition, you can use the following colours related to the directions in the bedroom-

  • Green in the east direction for growth and creativity
  • White in the west direction for wealth
  • Black in the north direction for communication
  • Red in the south direction for power

Placement Of Bed 

Feng shui suggests placing your bed in a corner against a wall opposite your bedroom door. You should be able to see the door while you are in your sleeping position. However, ensure it isn’t directly in line with the door. Placing your bed underneath windows is strictly prohibited in Chinese Vastu. If you cannot fit your bed against the wall, try placing a mirror in the room where you can easily view the bedroom door. The door view will help retain the positive energy. Apart from this, avoid storing any heavy items under your bed.

Do you know what feng shui sleeping head direction is? Feng shui, too, recommends the south direction while you slumber. You should never sleep with your feet pointing towards the door, which is called the ‘coffin’ position. It is the most unlucky position as a person’s corpse is carried out of a room from this direction. 

Sleeping Direction To Avoid

The above information showed which direction is best to sleep in. Now let’s learn about the sleeping direction to avoid for better and quality sleep. 

Effects Of Sleeping With Head Towards West Direction

There needs to be more research regarding sleeping in the west direction. Some people find it comfortable, while others experience restlessness. Nevertheless, sleeping in the west will be beneficial if you want to enhance your success. 

Effects Of Sleeping With Head Towards North Direction

Sleeping with your feet pointing towards the south and heading towards the north will harm your health. Your blood pressure will fluctuate, leading to fatigue and insomnia. You may also experience mental stress and sleep disorders. Sleeping in the north may also give you nightmares and create an emotional disturbance. Older people may suffer from haemorrhage and paralytic stroke.

Furthermore, as per the mythological story, lord Ganesha’s head was replaced with the head of an elephant, which was lying dead in the north direction. Therefore, the north direction is considered inauspicious while sleeping.


Thus, now you know the importance of sleeping in the south direction. All other directions are suitable for other purposes such as success, achievements, education, relationships, and finance. The south direction is vital for better sleep and overall health. If you cannot sleep in the south direction, you can sleep in the east direction. However, ensure you avoid the north direction to align your body’s energy to the earth’s magnetic energy.


Is it good to sleep facing east?

The rising sun’s direction is east, which is considered beneficial for spiritual pursuits like meditation. Sound sleep is guaranteed if one sleeps with their feet facing west and their head facing east. The optimum sleeping direction is east since it enhances memory and focus.

Which side is better to sleep on, east or west?

According to Vastu Shastra, the east or south is the optimum sleeping direction, as these directions encourage pleasant slumber.

What happens if you sleep facing west?

According to Vastu shastra, it is not advisable to sleep in the west. It’s not a good idea to sleep with your head pointing west since it causes unrest in the sleeper and prevents them from getting a full night’s rest.

Is it OK to sleep west to east?

As per Vastu principles, the best direction to sleep are east and south directions, so the head is towards east or south while the legs point to the west or north. It is also the scientific way to sleep. If you are in the northern hemisphere, these are the ideal directions for sleeping.

Which side should a wife sleep with?

Vastu states that the wife should sleep next to her husband on his left for a loving and harmonious relationship.



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Written by

Rahul Upadhyay
Content Writer
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