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The Best Cuddling Positions for Couples

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Update: June 17, 2023
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Rahul Upadhyay
Content Writer
Couples Cuddling Position

Cuddling is simply the best! Be it with your partner or your four-legged friend, a cuddle is an instant de-stressor. When you wrap your arms around your partner and hold them tight, it builds intimacy and brightens your mood. It can be a way of expressing love. 

However, it differs from person to person. Some couples love to cuddle, and others, not so much. Also, for a small percentage of people, cuddling is the first step to the main event. But did you know? Men love to cuddle more than women. And if you think only hugging can be categorized as cuddling, you are wrong. Snuggling, massage, and kissing also fall under this segment. 

There is no right or wrong regarding cuddling, but we bring you the best cuddling positions to make the cuddle session super fun and exciting! 

Best Cuddling Positions In Bed

The spoon

Couple Sleeping With Spoon Position

Regarding the best cuddling positions, the spoon cuddle position takes the cake! It’s not just super cosy but also sensual. In the spoon-cuddling position, one is the little spoon, and the other is the big one. In this position, you and your partner lay on the same side. If you are the little spoon, your back touches your partner’s stomach. The big spoon then wraps their arms around the little spoon, all comfy and warm!

The half spoon

Couple Sleeping With Half Spoon Cuddling Positions

Switch to the half spoon if you tend to get all hot and sweaty as you sleep. This hug-sleeping couple’s position is also perfect if you just want to chat and feel warm and fuzzy. While it still gives you the intimacy you need, it won’t make you claustrophobic. Here, one partner lies on their back, and the other lies on the side facing their partner!

The butt cheek-to-cheek

Couple Sleeping In A Buttocks-To-Cheek Sleep Position

In this relationship cuddling, you and your partner sleep on your side with your butt cheeks and lower back touching. Here, you can keep your knees bent or almost straight as per your comfort. It is a position for those who want contact but also want the freedom to enjoy sleep!

The honeymoon hug

Couple Sleeping In A &Quot;Honeymoon Hug&Quot; Sleep Position

One of the different cuddling positions, which is also absolutely sexual, is the honeymoon hug. In this position, you get entangled with each other. Your limbs and arms are wrapped around each other, even as you sleep. This position keeps you super close, and you even feel your partner’s breath on the skin. 

The sweetheart cradle

Couple Sleeping In Sweetheart Cradle Cuddling Positions

In this position, your partner lies on the back while you place your head on their chest. Then, your partner wraps their arms around you to make you feel loved and nurtured! This relationship sleep hug is adorable.

The leg hug

Couple Sleeping In Leg Hug Positions

This is one of the types of cuddling where you still enjoy your space but also keep in touch! Here, you lie on your back and put your leg on the other. However, ensure you adjust your leg position to ensure complete comfort.

The butt pillow

Butt Pillow

The name says it all! Here, you scoot over and make your partner’s butt a pillow. But the drawback here is that you may be avoiding close contact.

The lap pillow

Lap Pillow

The lap pillow is one of the best cuddling positions for sleeping while watching television. And this position is also oh-so-romantic. Here, you lay your head on your partner’s lap.

The arm draper

Couple Sleeping In Arm-Draper Positions

If you like cuddling in bed, this is an excellent position for you. Here, you and your partner lie on your side facing each other and put your hands over each other! Perfect for a snuggle or a kiss.

The Drawbridge


This is a different cuddling position than the one you enjoy during your sleep and is perfect when you are on the couch. Just stretch your legs and lay them on your partner’s lap. Don’t forget to ask for a foot massage!

The Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

This is one of the different ways to cuddle where you can simply embrace, kiss or even talk about your day! Here, you and your partner sit down facing each other. You can fold your legs but make sure you lock your arms around each other. It also works because your focus is only on your partner and helps you strengthen the bond.

The Long Day

Long Day

Just like the lap pillow, in this sleeping hugging couple, you lay on your partner’s lap in the bed where you both have ample room to stretch each other’s legs, and you can simply talk, cuddle and rest.

The BarcaLounger

Couple In Barcalounger

Here, you simply use your partner as a recliner. Here, you rest your back on your partner’s chest. They can wrap their arms around you and even their legs too! This cuddling position is good for a healthy relationship.

Benefits of Cuddling

Now you know common cuddling positions and what they mean. Cuddling can be a great way to keep the spark alive in a relationship! Let’s take a look at more benefits below!

Enhances Intimacy 

While cuddling can be a great way to get intimate with your partner, cuddling after making love can be beneficial too. In fact, a study showed that couples who indulged in a cuddling session after sex reported higher relationship and sexual satisfaction. 

Helps You Share Emotions Better

Touch is a great way to share and communicate your emotions and feelings with your partner. Even your happiness and sadness can easily be conveyed via cuddling. 

Lowers Blood Pressure 

Touch can have a calming effect. Research also says that holding or cuddling decreases diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Therefore, whenever stress takes over you, go and hug your partner!

Relieves Stress 

When you cuddle and offer a slight massage in the form of stroking or squeezing, it can reduce stress or anxiety you may be feeling by enhancing the dopamine and serotonin levels.

Provides Pain Relief 

When you cuddle, it almost feels therapeutic. Hence, it can help provide pain relief. It also balances your energy and enables you to heal naturally. 


In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to relax, rewind and even get intimate with your partner. However, regular cuddling sessions, either while watching television or going to sleep, can help strengthen your relationship. So, snuggle up!


What cuddle positions do guys like?

There is no generic position that men like and it can differ based on individual preference. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your partner which cuddles position they prefer.

What should a guy do during cuddling?

When you are cuddling your partner, stay in the moment. Wrap your arms around them and get cosy.

How can I satisfy a girl while cuddling?

If your partner just wants to cuddle, you can always choose a comfortable position for both of you and then go from there. Remember, just ask your partner what she wants and you are good to go!

Why do men like cuddling?

Cuddling is a sign of affection and warmth; they may like it because it is relaxed.

How do you hug a guy taller than you romantically?

If a guy is taller than you, you can always slide your arms under his.

Do couples sleep while cuddling?

Yes, couples often sleep while cuddling for comfort and intimacy. Communication is key to finding a sleeping arrangement that promotes restful sleep for both partners.


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Written by

Rahul Upadhyay
Content Writer
10 years of experience as a content writer Previously worked as a copywriter for a health journal Ability to write in a variety of formats, including articles, white papers, and clinical trial summaries

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