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Bamboo Vs Cotton Sheets

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Update: April 18, 2023
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Payal Singh
Content Writer
Illustration Of Bamboo Vs Cotton

Bamboo and cotton sheets have gained much popularity among people who prefer sheets made from natural fibres. Bamboo sheets are generally soft and supple, besides being exceptionally durable. However, they have a high price tag and specific maintenance needs. On the other hand, cotton sheets are more affordable, breathable, and suitable for year-round use. However, they have a shorter life span and are not as soft.

The article offers a comparison of bamboo vs cotton sheets to help prospective buyers make the right choice.

Difference Between Bamboo and Cotton Sheets

ParameterBamboo SheetsCotton Sheets
DurabilityLast upto 1000 washesLess durable
Comfort and FeelVery soft and smoothSoftness increases with each wash
BreathabilityLess breathableMore breathable
HealthA healthier optionLess healthy if grown inorganically
Ease of CareNeed delicate careEasy to care
Environmental FriendlinessExtremely environment-friendlyNot as environment-friendly
CostRelatively expensiveMore affordable

What Are Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are made from the fibre obtained from bamboo plants and have a rich, luxurious feel. The long length of the bamboo fibres makes the sheets exceptionally soft and supple, resistant to pilling, and highly durable. They also have a high capability to retain colour and repel body oil along with high moisture absorbing capacity.   

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Sheets

Being aware of the pros and cons of bamboo sheets makes it easier for buyers to compare bamboo vs cotton sheets more accurately.


The most common advantages offered by bamboo sheets include the following.

Durability: Bamboo sheets are incredibly durable and can last up to 1000 washes, thanks to the great strength of the bamboo fabric.

Softness: The sheets made from bamboo fabric are incredibly soft and supple, and the softness increases with each wash.

Cooling: The sheets are highly breathable and keep the body of the users cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Hypoallergenic:  The hypoallergenic properties of the bamboo fabric make the sheets the right choice for people with a wide range of allergy issues.


Like most other products, bamboo sheets come with the following disadvantages.

Cost: The sheets made from bamboo fabric are generally expensive compared to cotton sheets.  

Care: The user needs to care for the bamboo sheets delicately to make them last longer.

Types Of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets come in diverse varieties based on the different types of fibres used for making them. The three most common types of bamboo sheets include the following.

Percale: Percale sheets are known for their crisp, lightweight fabric, which makes them highly breathable and comfortable.  

Satin: Satin sheets offer a silky feel and a lustrous sheen, are wrinkle resistant and have a low risk of leakage.

Twill: Twill sheets have a denim-like look and feel, which reduces their smoothness but also enhances their durability at the same time.

What Are Cotton Sheets

Cotton is one of the oldest natural fibres used for making sheets and is known for its softness, breathability, and low maintenance needs. Most people prefer cotton sheets for their high level of comfort and affordability. However, these sheets are not as durable as sheets made from other natural fibres.

Pros And Cons of Cotton Sheets

Before comparing bamboo vs cotton sheets, learning about the pros and cons of sheets made from cotton is of utmost importance.


The most important benefits of investing in cotton sheets include the following.

Affordable: One of the most significant benefits of cotton sheets is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to sheets made from other natural fibres.

Low Maintenance: Most sheets made from cotton have low maintenance needs and can be washed with other regular clothing items.

Variety: Cotton sheets are available in diverse variants, with different thread counts and pricing options.

Breathability: Cotton sheets are breathable and comfortable, which makes them a perfect option for people who sleep hot.


Low Durability: Cotton fibre is not as strong as bamboo fibre, so the sheets made from 

cotton has a shorter life span.

Roughness: The cotton sheets with lower thread counts are relatively rougher despite being inexpensive than those with higher thread counts.

Types Of Cotton Sheets 

Cotton fibre is highly versatile and hence is suitable for making different types of sheets matching diverse user needs. The most common types of cotton sheets include the following.

Percale: These sheets are known for their superior breathability, moisture-absorbing ability, and excellent durability. 

Sateen: Sateen sheets are known for their silky feel, subtle lustre, adequate draping, and resistance to wrinkling.  

Twill: The denim-like look and feel of twill cotton sheets ensure greater durability, although it impacts the softness of the fabric.

Jersey: Jersey cotton sheets are made from fabric that is the fabric of most t-shirts, which makes them highly comfortable and relaxing.

Cotton Vs Bamboo: Which Sheet to Choose

The above comparison between bamboo vs cotton sheets suggests that the two do not differ significantly. This can make choosing between cotton and bamboo sheets relatively tricky. That is why buyers should focus on their specific needs while selecting between the two types of sheets to ensure maximum comfort and the best value for money.


Both cotton and bamboo sheets are excellent options for people seeking soft, comfortable bedding. While bamboo fibre is known for its strength and durability, cotton is preferred for its great breathability and affordable pricing. Choosing the best option depends on the personal preference of individual users and their budget.


Is bamboo cooler than cotton sheets?

Yes, bamboo cloth breathes well. You’ll typically discover that bamboo sheets keep you cooler all night long. On average, bamboo maintains a 3-degree cooler temperature than cotton.

Are bamboo sheets better than other sheets?

Although bamboo sheets are slightly more expensive than linen, they are considerably more durable, promote good health, and are much better for the environment.

Why are my bamboo sheets pilling?

Overheating, abrasion from friction, and harsh chemicals all contribute to pilling. Your sheets will pill if you wash them with abrasive detergent, use a rougher fabric in the washer, or toss and turn a lot in bed.


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Written by

Payal Singh
Content Writer
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