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Bed Sheets Vs Bedspreads: The Difference

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Update: May 5, 2023
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Payal Singh
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Bed Sheets Vs Bedspreads

Bedspread vs bed sheet is one of the most searched topics concerning home furnishing. A bedding set is incomplete without both, but there are differences between a bed sheet and a bedspread. You use a bed sheet to cover your mattress to protect it while you use a bedspread to cover the entire bed (including bed sheet) when it’s not in use.

We’ve explained the difference between the two in detail below:

Bed Sheets Vs Bedspreads: Comparison Chart

Check out the differences between a bed sheet and a bedspread so that you can make an informed decision for your purchase:

ParameterBed SheetBedspread
FunctionThe primary function of a bed sheet is to protect the mattressA bedspread is a decorative cover that protects the mattress and the bed sheet
ThicknessThinner than a bedspreadThicker than a bed sheet
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive
SpreadA bed sheet is tucked inside the mattressA bed spread hangs and touches the floor
TimeBed sheets are used 24 x 7Bed spreads are used when a bed is not in use

Difference Between Bedspread and Bed Sheet

A bed sheet is a piece of fabric that covers your mattress, whereas a bedspread is another layer of decorative fabric that covers your entire bed.


The primary function of a bed sheet is to protect your mattress and let you enjoy a comfortable sleep on top of it. On the other hand, the role of a bedspread is to protect your bed sheet and mattress while adding a splash of décor to your bedding.


Bed sheets are generally made of cotton, linen, and other fabrics, which are lightweight and thinner than bedspreads, which are usually made of thicker and heavier materials.


The price of bed sheets and bedspreads may vary depending on the fabrics’ quality and design. However, bed sheets are still less expensive than most bedspreads.


The right way to spread a bed sheet is to tuck it neatly inside your mattress. But, your bedspread will hang and touch the floor.


Most people cover their beds with bedspreads during the entire day when not in use. But, they remove it at night before a peaceful sleep on their bed sheets.

What is a Bedspread?

A bedspread or spread bed sheet is basically a decorative and protective bed cover on top of your mattress and bed sheet. A bedspread usually touches the floor. It adds a layer of elegance to the bedroom while protecting the bed sheet and mattress.

In warm weather, you can also use a bedspread alone without a bed sheet if you want. And in winter, you can add it to enhance your comfort level. That’s why you’ll find bedspreads made of different types of materials. Some bedspreads are incredibly lightweight, whereas some are quilted.

What does the Bedspread Do?

So, a bedspread serves the following purposes owing to its design and material.

  • A bedspread can enhance the beauty of your entire bedroom décor.
  • You can use a bedspread to improve the longevity of your bed sheet and mattress.
  • A bedspread can keep your bed sheet clean and prepared for the night.
  • In cold weather, a bedspread will keep your bed warm and cosy.

What is a Bed Sheet?

If you’re wondering what a bed sheet is? A bed sheet is a piece of crafted fabric you put on top of your mattress. Bed sheets are usually rectangular in shape, but their sizes can vary depending on bed sizes like single, double, king size, or queen size. Bed sheets are also available in cotton, linen, silk, flannel, and other soft and breathable fabrics.

A bed sheet usually comes with a sewn seam throughout its edges. Generally, two types of bed sheets are available based on the stitches: fitted and flat. A fitted bed sheet includes an elastic stitched seam that helps you to tuck the edges securely underneath your mattress. A flat sheet comes with a non-elastic stitched seam that you need to tuck inside the mattress.

What does the Bed Sheet Do?

Now, let us know the main purposes of a bed sheet in detail.

  • A bed sheet covers your mattress and enhances its longevity.
  • The soft touch of a bed sheet ensures a deep and healthy sleep.
  • A bed sheet can also protect your skin if your mattress is too harsh.
  • It’s really easier to clean a bed sheet than a bedspread.


That’s all about bed sheets vs bedspreads! Now that you know their differences and purposes, you’ll surely be able to choose which one you need in your bedroom.


 Can we sleep on a bedspread?

Yes, you can definitely sleep on a bedspread. If you like sleeping on a very soft surface, you can try sleeping on a bedspread.

 Are bedspreads out of style?

Bedspreads are very much in vogue owing to their classy appeal. A bedspread is a must to add a sophisticated touch to your bedroom décor.

What is the difference between a bedcover and a bedspread?

A bed cover only covers a mattress, whereas a bedspread covers a bed cover and a mattress. Bedspreads are also used for decoration.

 What does bedspread mean?

A bedspread is a fabric that covers your bed, including your mattress, bed sheet, and pillows. Usually, bedspreads aren’t tucked inside mattresses, and they touch the floor.

 Is a bedspread and comforter the same thing?

No, bedspread and comforter aren’t the same things. Comforters provide insulation and warmth to beds in winter, whereas bedspreads are breathable and light fabrics suitable for all seasons.


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Written by

Payal Singh
Content Writer
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