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Bed Sheet Vs Bed Cover: What’s the Difference?

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Update: April 27, 2023
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Payal Singh
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Illustration Of Bed Sheet Vs Bed Cover

Bed sheets and bed covers are two of the most common and important bedding accessories people use. People often feel confused between the two and even believe they both serve the same purpose and can be used interchangeably. However, bed sheets and bed covers are significantly different. Being aware of these differences is essential for the users to enjoy the best benefits of both these bedding accessories. This article provides a detailed comparative analysis of a bed cover vs bed sheet along with their benefits to help users choose wisely.

Difference between Bed Sheet and Bed Cover

BasisBed SheetBed Cover
DefinitionA large piece of fabric that has a square or rectangular shape and is used to sleep in or cover the mattressA large piece of thick cloth that forms the topmost layer of the bed and safeguards the underlying layers from bacteria, dust, and staining
PurposeTo cover the mattressTo protect the bed from staining
Design And StyleMade from thin breathable fabrics
Mostly comes in white or light shades but not confined to it
Made from thicker fabrics 
Come in various colors and designs
UsageRegulate the body temperature
Ensure a comfortable and relaxing sleep
Prevent dirt, dust, and bacteria
Decorative in nature
PriceUsually range between INR 300 and 1,000Most cost over INR 1,000

While bed sheets and bed covers both help to enhance the decor and comfort of the bed, they do so in different ways. The main points of difference between the two include the following.


A bed sheet is a large piece of cloth that is used to cover the mattress and is used by people to sleep in or under. The bed sheets are available in a variety of sizes to match the dimensions of the mattress, including twin, queen size, double size, and king size.

A bed cover is used as a dressing for the entire bed and helps to protect it from staining, dust, and grime when it is not in use. The bed covers generally have the same size and are big enough to cover the entire bed and its sides.

Design And Style

Bed sheets are generally made from thin breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. Most bed sheets come in white or light shades, although the demand for solid-coloured bed sheets is also increasing. 

Bed covers are mostly made from thicker fabrics and may also be designed to be waterproof for enhanced protection. Bed covers come in various patterns, colours, and designs and play a significant role in enhancing the beauty and appeal of the bedroom. 


Most people use bed sheets to cover their bodies and avoid feeling cold while sleeping at night. The sheets help to regulate the body temperature, ensuring more comfortable and relaxing sleep for the users. The bed sheets also act as a protective covering for the mattress when the bed is not in use.  

Bed covers are more decorative and are made from thicker materials to prevent them from getting blown over. They keep the bed looking beautiful and clean and prevent dirt, dust, and bacteria from penetrating the mattress.

What is a Bed Sheet

A bed sheet is a large piece of fabric that has a square or rectangular shape and is used to sleep in or cover the mattress. A sheet bed cover may feature elasticized corners to ensure that they fit the mattresses perfectly and snugly without falling off the bed. Bed sheets come in a wide range of sizes to ensure complete coverage of mattresses with diverse lengths, widths, and heights. People also use bed sheets to sleep in and stay warm at night. Most bed sheets are made from light, breathable fabrics, which ensures enhanced comfort for the users without making them feel too hot.

Benefits of a Bed Sheet

People often compare mattress cover vs bed sheet to know which is better and also to understand the benefits of each bedding accessory. Given below are the key benefits offered by bed sheets. 

Protects the Skin

Bed sheets act as a barrier between the skin and the mattress and thus help to protect it from dust mites and bacteria present in the mattress. This helps in minimizing the risk of skin allergies and infections. It also reduces the chances of skin irritation and ensures a comfortable and healthy sleep for the users. Moreover, these sheets also minimize wear and tear and prevent staining of the mattress from enhancing its life.

Easily Cleaned – Long Lifespan

Bed sheets are often made from soft natural fibres and hence are extremely easy to clean. They do not require any special care instructions and can be washed with other regular clothes. However, high-end bedsheets like the ones made from silk or flannel may need to be washed in specific detergents to maintain their softness and shine. Bed sheets are also extremely durable, and with proper care and they can last several years.   

Available in a Variety of Sizes

The bed sheets are available in various sizes to match the sizes of the different types of mattresses. Users can thus choose between single and double bed sheets, queen and king size bed sheets, and several different size options. The sheets are also available for beds of different shapes included, including round beds, square and rectangular beds, adjustable beds, and hammock beds.  

What Are Bed Covers

The bed cover is a large piece of thick cloth that forms the topmost layer of the bed and safeguards the underlying layers from bacteria, dust, and staining. Bed covers also help improve the look and appeal of the bedroom and hence are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and even fabric options. Most bed covers are heavy and thick and can also be used to sleep under in cold areas to keep the body warm at night. Bed covers may also come in the form of duvets, comforters, and blankets. 

Benefits Of Bed Covers 

Bed covers offer more than just enhancing the beauty and appeal of a bed, which is why any comparison of bed sheet vs bed cover is incomplete without learning about their benefits. The most important benefits offered by bed covers include the following. 

Protects the Mattress

Bed covers prove extremely effective in protecting the mattress from everyday wear and tear. It is especially true in the case of homes with small children and pets. Bed covers prevent the dirt, dust, and grime brought in by the children and the pets from coming directly in contact with the mattress. The sheets also minimize the risk of pets scratching the mattresses or staining caused by spills or graffiti made by kids.

Can Be Decorative

One of the biggest benefits offered by bed covers is that they help enhance the beauty and décor of the bed and the bedroom. The vivid designs and vibrant colours of bed covers add an element of brightness and appeal to the bedroom. Bed covers also render a neat, clean, and clutter-free look to the bed, which makes it quite inviting and enhances its sense of comfort and luxury.

Protects Sheets

Bed covers help to protect the underlying sheets and mattress covers and thus enhance their life. The covers bear the brunt of everyday wear and tear and absorb most of the dust, dirt, and stains keeping the sheets below in near pristine condition. Since the bed covers are made from thicker materials, they minimize the penetration of any unwanted elements and thus help in the life and durability of other bedding accessories.


Both bed sheets and bed covers form an integral part of the bedding accessories and play an important role in enhancing user comfort. Comparing the differences between bed cover vs bed sheet enables users to gain a better understanding of the functions and benefits of each of these accessories. It also helps them to choose the right bedding accessories to match their specific needs and enhance the life and durability of their bedding. The above pointers can provide the required information to help the users make a wise buying decision.


What is the difference between a mattress cover and a fitted sheet?

A bed sheet is a large piece of cloth that covers the mattress on which one sleeps. On the other hand, a bed cover can be a quilt, blanket, comforter, or sheet.

What is the bed cover sheet called?

A bed cover is a large piece of fabric that serves as a cover for your bedding. Because the entire fabric completely covers the bed and everything underneath, it is referred to as a bed cover.

What is the difference between a bed cover and a bedspread?

Bedspreads and bed sheets are two types of bed linens that contribute to a lovely bedroom set. The primary difference between a bedspread and a bed sheet is that bedspreads cover the bed when it is not in use, whereas bed sheets cover the mattress.

What is a bed sheet used for?

A bed sheet protects the mattress while also providing a comfortable, smooth surface to lie on.


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Written by

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Content Writer
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